For Better or Worse, Your Wedding Guests Will Remember These Details

Wedding Guests

Indian weddings are so much fun and happening than any other wedding you’d been part of. There is plenty of entertainment like singing and dancing all the time with a huge selection of food catered at the wedding with all shades of colors that make the Indian wedding colorful and successful.

There are celebration and ceremonies that go on and on like forever and this plethora of rituals make the Indian weddings quite special in their own way. Every wedding today has a number of celebrations such as a cocktail party, mehendi, sangeet, reception, etc.

Everyone who comes to your wedding would remember something for their lifetime. Some would remember in a good way and some in a bad way. But there are some of the specific things that all the guests present at your wedding would definitely remember for more few days once the wedding is over.

The wedding invite – wedding invitation is one of the few things which we Indians keep with us as treasure even after the wedding is over. And the only reason is coz of its beauty and the way each and every detail is well presented.


The Bride and the Groom entrance – the bride and the groom are under the constant scrutiny of the guests present at the wedding. No move of theirs goes un-noticed. Therefore, it is obvious that their entry is also something that people look forward too and the grander it is, the more oohs and aahhs they receive from the guests.

Attire – another important thing that guests notice at weddings is the attire. Not just of bride and groom but of each-others as well. Many a time the sherwani worn by the groom or the lehenga worn by the bride leaves such an impression that people want something similar for their own wedding.
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So, make sure to bowl people over with your wedding trousseau.

Decoration –  if you think people don’t pay attention to the decoration at the wedding venue, you are oh so wrong mister! Today, with all kinds of fancy, elegant, over the top decoration that can give people a run for their money, guests take in every minute detail. From the reception stage, the mandap nothing goes un-noticed by dear guests. So, invest in a decorator who gives you your money’s worth and leaves your guest in awe. According to a audit in wedding venues in Delhi NCR, The Major reason of venue rejection is mostly the décor of the venue because people did not like the decor of the venue.

Food – there’s nothing like lip-smacking food to leave behind a lasting impression. Most guests at the wedding spend more time at the food counters tasting and trying everything rather than the actual celebration.
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And why not, it’s human nature after all.

Respect – possibly the most important gesture that can either win hearts or offend your guests. It matters a lot to everyone present at the wedding at how the bride and groom and their respective families welcomed and treated them. The key here is to make each and everyone feel special and a part of the family.

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