General facts about steroids – what are these hormones

Anabolics are substances that provide or support anabolic processes in the body. These are reactions in which compounds of simpler substances are more complex. Examples include the synthesis and deposition of glycogen (stock sugar) or the formation of muscle mass or other proteins from amino acids. Theoretically, it is possible to divide them into anabolics in the narrower sense and so-called anticatabolics (these substances do not directly support anabolism but prevent catabolic or decomposition reactions). They further improve performance and promote regeneration.
Anabolics are important in the body for:

-generating stock
-synthesis of building and functional elements
-accelerating and promoting regeneration

Anabolics – what do we know?

To begin with, it is good to remember that anabolics are not necessarily the same as anabolic steroids. These are actually only a subset of all substances that can be called anabolics. In addition to steroids, a number of other substances can be found, the use of which is considerably less risky and can be described as so-called natural anabolics. In a broader sense, it is possible to include substances that do not regulate the reaction, but enter into them as building blocks.Anabolic steroids

They are substances of hormonal (more specifically steroidal) nature. They are derived from a relatively complex sterane compound (like bile acids). Mostly they are substances derived from the male sex hormone testosterone (eg nandrolone). They themselves are commonly found in the body and are essential for normal functioning. They are also used as medicines (for osteoporosis, etc.). Though they have tremendous results in their application, they pose even greater risks. They put a heavy burden on the entire cardiovascular system, can have a very negative impact on the psyche and, above all, have a negative impact on the genital system. In men, they can reduce testicular function to sterility. In women, the development of characteristic male characters causes the type of character, the thickening of the voice, the growth of hair, the beard, etc. The result is even worse because testosterone does not occur in the female body in such an amount and therefore the body also responds significantly to minor changes. Another such own anabolic agent may be growth hormone, with which it is also not advisable to mess. And this is not to say that the administration of these substances is often illegal. If you decided to use anabolics I can recommend you reliable source and you can buy steroids here.

Natural anabolics

They are a much safer option. Notwithstanding the fact that they are legal, they do not constitute such an intervention in the metabolism of the organism. They work on a different principle than the direct intervention in the metabolism. In addition, they are used specifically (as opposed to hormones that act on other tissues). For example, products under the name NITRIC or NITRIX. These preparations contain NO (nitrous oxide), which has relaxing effects on smooth muscle. This means that the smooth muscle present in the vessel walls expands under the pressure of the flowing blood. As the cross-section increases, more flow is related, so larger amounts of nutrient-rich blood flow to the muscles. This will speed up the anabolic process. But because physical performance requires energy, catabolic processes will intensify, especially at the expense of fats.
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The result of natural anabolics is not only an increase in muscle mass but also a reduction in fat pads. In addition, higher blood flow through the blood vessels is also positive for erection.

What are Steroids and How Does They Work?

The simplest definition is “substance after, which grows muscles.” There are various substances to increase performance and also have very different effects. Pharmaceuticals that help athletes can be divided into four main groups, synthetic hormones, stimulants, beta-blockers, and anabolic steroids.

Testosterone can be applied, for example, in a cream, it is applied to the body prior to strengthening and thus helps to produce clean muscle. The aforementioned HGH is a synthetic human growth hormone that is responsible for bone and tissue growth. Other synthetic hormones such as EPO allow athletes to improve endurance by promoting red blood cell production.

Stimulants in turn increase energy levels and are more suitable for dynamic sports such as football. In contrast, beta-blockers affect the secretion of adrenaline, keeping heart rhythm and blood pressure under control. They are commonly used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia or high pressure, but can also be used in golf if the player is easily distracted and tends to knock hands. After taking beta-blockers, they calm down and are thus better able to belong.

Anabolic steroids prevent muscle breakdown that occurs at excessive exercise. Athletes can train longer, recover quickly from injuries and grow their muscles. Golfers could, thanks to anabolics, train longer, more often, and avoid injuries caused by muscle loss.

Another category of medication that athletes can help to perform better is powders that affect the psyche, such as benzodiazepines, which have a soothing effect and counteract anxiety and fear, which can be used in golf. There are, of course, antidepressants to improve mood and emotion control, and amphetamine alertness abundantly used by students before exams.

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