Tricks That Will Help You Grow Your Hair Faster

Tricks That Will Help You Grow Your Hair Faster

Growing hair takes time, and you have to be patient and know how to boost the growth of your hair by eating a well-balanced diet, taking supplements, vitamins and nutrients. According to experts, hair grows a quarter of an inch to half an inch on amonthly basis.

Apart from growing your hair, it is also important to maintain it properly and to cut your split ends so that you can have a natural and beautiful appearance.

There are different products, supplements, and shampoos that are considered as a hair grower; however, you should talk with your doctor before you start consuming them.

You should stay with us to learn tricks that will help you grow and maintain healthy hair so that you can boost your aesthetical appeal:

  1. Scissors Are Your Friend

You are probably wondering, how you canimprove your hair if you cut it and trim it each month. However, it is vital for healthy appearance to trim and snip split ends so that you can increase your hair growth in overall.

That will keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends from working their way up, which means that you will have to cut more often than before. If you wait too long, splits can cause your hair to break up on your strand.

Therefore, you will have to cut more in overall, which will make your hair shorter than before especially if you neglect frequent trims. Consequently, you should ask your stylist to take at least eight on an inch on three months so that you can prevent this particular problem.

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  1. Use Conditioner

In case your hair is wet, it means that you have to condition it so that you can prevent split ends and protect its beauty and shine. Over time, from heat styling and coloring your hair, strands will start to get thinner, especially at the bottom.

That is the main reason why you should use an appropriate conditioner that will replace proteins and lipids inside your hair shaft. Conditioners will also help you seal the cuticles so that you can prevent exceptional damage.

As hair grows, it will become thinner than before, so with conditioner, you will be able to make it look healthier and longer in overall.

  1. Do Not Wash Your Hair with Shampoo Each Time You Shower

The shocking idea is that most women nowadays decide to avoid or neglect conditioner when showering, which is the worst thing that you can do to your hair, especially if your goal is to grow it longer than before.

On the other hand, you should skip shampoo as much as you can, and try to avoid it every single day.

The primary goal of shampoo is to wash away dirt as well as product buildup from your hair. However, throughout the process, it will wash away natural oils that will keep your hair healthy and soft. When you need shampoo, you should be gentle to your hair and only add small amounts.

Then you should only let it slide down the strands and hit the rest of it while you are rinsing it away. However, avoid doing it frequently, and the best frequency is once a week.

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  1. Cold Rinse Is Vital

If you wish to grow your hair naturally and to keep it healthy for longer than before, you should finish each shower with cold water. Have in mind that cold water will create an outer layer of hair and provide you smoother ability to wash it without moisture loss, heat damage and snag.

Of course, we are not saying that you should do it for a long time, which means that a few seconds will be enough, but that will also help you create a difference when it comes to your abilities.

We also recommend you use more TLC as your hair grows longer, mainly because masks and oils that feature moisturizing effects will help you maintain your hair. This particular treatment is vital, and you should do it before shampooing.