How IUI Helps Women Get Pregnant?

IUI Helps Women Get Pregnant

A woman is called a true woman once they get pregnant. It is the stage where they would feel the real sense of being a woman. It is the period where a woman shows how powerful she is as a woman. So, when getting pregnant, there is another life that a woman carries. But, are all women get pregnant? Yes, a woman has a uterus that men don’t have. But, when a woman can’t bare a child, there could be a reason. It is either she has a condition that can’t produce an egg cell. But, in today’s era, it doesn’t matter at all. There is always a solution to whatever problem such as this. A woman who is having a problem to get pregnant should know about IUI (IntraUterine Insemination). What is IUI? IUI is a medical procedure called fertility treatment.

What to know about IUI?

Intra-Uterine Insemination procedure is done by a certified gynecologist. Now, learn how iui procedure is conducted in singapore for the fertility treatment. It is a process where the sperm is injected into the woman’s uterus.
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The procedure is done by a gynecologist to make smooth egg fertilization. Plus, it can improve the chance of getting pregnant. During the process, it does not involve sexual intercourse. In fact, IUI is also called as Artificial Insemination Procedure. In fact, fertility treatment is not only for women. It can also help men as an option if having a sperm disorder. It is a disorder that men can’t produce healthy sperm. Erectile dysfunction is another problem of a man that enables him to make a baby. Poor sperm motility is another sperm disorder that most men are going through. IUI helps maximize the production of active sperm cells in the uterus. This is the first option that most couples are trying to plan.

IUI Helps Women Get Pregnant

The IUI procedure

No woman would have the guts to engage in this kind of fertility treatment if not proven safe and effective. So, for those planning of applying IUI, make sure that you know the procedure. A patient needs to be aware of how the procedure is done so that it has consented. Here is the IUI procedure:

  • Egg fertilization inside the uterus. This is the part where the sperm meets the egg in the woman’s body forming an embryo.
  • It does not need anesthesia, it has the same feeling of doing such pap smear.
  • IUI is not expensive because of its simple procedure.

IUI procedure in Singapore is done through the following:

  • Collecting and processing the sperm. This is a procedure wherein the semen of the man is collected at firsthand. Collecting semen can be done at home or at the hospital, it depends on the man’s preference.
  • Induction and monitoring the ovulation. A woman will take a small tablet for stimulating the egg production in the ovaries. The gynecologist will monitor egg growth.
  • Insemination. This is the procedure wherein the sperms are placed in the womb.
  • Test for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is done within 2 weeks. It is for determining if the treatment is done successfully.