Important to Combine Probiotic Supplements with Antibiotics

Three types of “biotics” are responsible for altering our gut microflora. It becomes very important to understand this micro flora and improve the good biotics in your daily diet.

The first and very well-known biotic would be the Antibiotic. “Antibiotics” fights and kills all the bad bacteria and thus helps keeping infection at bay, but in this process sometimes it’s get so violent, it tend to kill its own team members. This usually happens in the case of extreme infection or disease.

So, here comes in picture our second biotic called “Probiotics” which helps to maintain normal gut micro flora and also helps in nutrient absorption, so as to avoid any infection beforehand.  “Prebiotics” are food ingredients which when eaten improves on good bacteria and reduces bad bacteria in our body. So, all three “biotics” play a very important role in our body.

Without probiotics, we would also lose out on the nutrients from food that will simply be flushed out of the body. Our stomach has three main functions:

  1. Store swallowed food.
  2. Mix food with gastric juices for easier breakdown of nutrients.
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  3. Send the food ahead into the small intestine to be digested.

When we ingest bad bacteria with unhygienic or unhealthy food, its entire chemistry is thrown out of balance and it is unable to perform one or more of these functions effectively. It further leads to other health complications that can have severe consequences on our health. So, a healthy stomach means a healthy body.

Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials have confirmed that taking probiotic supplement along with your antibiotics have been found to be effective both for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD).

Hence, it is recommended to consume probiotics along with antibiotics because once the antibiotics have done their work – it may already be too late.

The best time to start taking probiotic supplement is during your antibiotic course. Antibiotics will continue damaging the beneficial bacteriaand hence prevention is better than cure.

Don’t get confused! Antibiotics are there to cure you, but it is up to us to use them responsibly. Always take antibiotics when your physician is certain that your illness is bacterial and use up the entire prescription, even if you feel better and just combine it with probiotics.

Ultra Probiotic Complex 25 has been designed to provide daily replenishment of healthy bacteria in you digestive tract. Help reduce bloating and stomach discomfort, aid in improving regularity and support a healthy immune system. With elderberry, echinacea and vitamins C and D for additional immune support.

Go ahead and maintain a good microflora to avoid any discomfort beforehand!

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