Macujo Method Hair Detox – Shampoo for Marijuana

The attitude towards cannabis use for medical or recreational purposes has been rapidly changing for the past ten or fifteen years. With the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of cannabis-based drugs to treat both types of epileptic syndromes, you would think that the United States federal government would at least reclassify cannabis.

But drug screening is still compulsory for a lot of companies, and the reality is, marijuana users are interested in keeping or at least applying for their dream job in these companies. Usually, organizations, sports league or companies will subject their employees or their applicants to these traditional drug testing methods like urine and blood tests.

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But hair drug screening is also a popular choice of method because traces of specific drug components like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol found in cannabis can be detected in follicles for a more extended period compared to urine or blood sample. Do not fear hair screening because there are methods to pass it with flying colors and not shaving every hair in your body. One way is Macujo or commonly known as the Mac method.

How does the follicle drug test work?

While blood and urine drug test detects illegal substance that has been taken for the last few weeks or days, hair screening is usually used to detect any drug that is ingested within the last three months or 90 days. So how does this method of testing works?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol travel through the bloodstream and are stored in your follicles. Lab technicians will come and get a test sample anywhere from 100 to 150 strands of hair, at least an inch and a half long from your head or in rare cases, from your arms, chest, neck, armpits or your private parts. The sample should be collected from the roots to the tip for an accurate result.

If the hair is too short, or the test subject is bald, hair from other body parts like mentioned above is used instead.
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Now if you do not want to wax or shave off all your body hair to avoid testing positive, you will probably want to try other detoxifying methods to get rid of THC metabolites out of your system like using detox shampoo for drug test. There are other Do-It-Yourself techniques you can use to avoid testing positive, one of the most effective detox method is the Macujo cleansing technique.

The Mac or Macujo method is a seven-step follicle-cleansing method, favored by a lot of users because of its convenience and efficacy. What you are aiming for when using this method is to open up the cuticles of your head to get to the hard-reaching part of your follicles, and flush all the drug metabolites that are trapped in there.

The Macujo detoxifying technique is considered as the most efficient way to flush the chemicals out of your system compared to DIY methods like salicylic acid or vinegar. Mac method is known to work 90% of the time that is a pretty good odds.

Macujo instructions are very easy to follow. The first thing you need to do is to gather the following items:

Disposable rubber gloves – to protect yourself from any chemicals.

Shower cap – to avoid your wet hair getting in the way of your regular activities while you are waiting for the ingredients of the shampoo to get through your follicles.

Any detoxifying shampoo – to flush out the chemicals out of your system. It has salicylic acid that helps detoxify your hair follicles.

Heinz vinegar – It has acetic contents that can help get rid of any components trapped in the follicles. You can find this in any stores or groceries all over the world.

Liquid laundry detergent

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo – Here is where it goes a little tricky. You need the original or the old-style aloe rid product for this method to be effective. You need to be careful when buying this product because there are a lot of fake products sold in the market today. Always buy the old version for maximum effectivity.
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For a more detailed explanation on how to pass a follicle drug screening, visit

Other tips to pass a hair follicle drug screening with Macujo method

To be perfectly safe, you are going to want to clean and detoxify your hair for at least five times for one to two weeks before your scheduled drug test. Use the original or the old style version and use it the night before as well as the morning of your scheduled trial. It is always a good idea to consume a lot of water and use herbal supplements to increase your chances of passing the hair follicle drug screening.

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