The Fundamentals of a Personal Alarm Service

The Fundamentals of a Personal Alarm Service

Personal alarms can help a person living alone to feel safer and secure. A personal alarm service will ensure the person contact to the outside world in case of any emergency situation. There are many benefits to the use of a personal alarm service.

Basic personal Alarms

This is the kind of alarm that calls for assistance if a person falls or meets an accident. It can help any elderly person to be safe while living alone and be more independent as well. This can also give peace of mind to the family and friends of the older person.

The most basic alarms give off a loud sound when it is activated, alerting a person who is not too far from the person. The problem with this is that it requires another person nearby. Often basic alarm comes with a call button that will be pressed to send a signal to the carer’s pager which can be clipped on his belt or attached to a vibrating pillow alert. The downside is that a carer is required.

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Alarms to Signal Assistance

There are those that come in a standalone unit which is attached to a 24-hour monitoring service or to a personal carer who may be in the same location or elsewhere. This device has a push button that be used on the neck or the waist. It can be clipped to your clothes or your belt. It can also be attached to a mobile phone which will serve as an emergency button in case there is any emergency situation.
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There are alarm systems that include a fall detector. This only means that if you trip or fall over, the system will automatically send an alert to the carer or the center who is in charge. When the signal is sent, the unit will enable you to be found through GPS. This is important for someone who is suffering from dementia. There are more sophisticated systems that include a couple of sensors that can be attached to significant entry points such as doors, the bed, or the chair.

How to Choose a Personal Alarm Service

You have to think about the kind of equipment and also the level of service that is fit for your needs. You will only pay more when you buy something that is too much for what you need. Find time to compare all the brands and their corresponding prices before you choose one. Think about it if you want something that can be wearable and if it is so make sure that it is waterproof since you might wear it inside the bathroom.
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Make sure that the company is a member of the Telecare Services Association. They offer advice and a lot of information and also a directory of personal alarm service providers. You might need to have a key safe for an authorized person from outside to access your home when the emergency situation occurs. You may also want to change how far can you go wearing the device. You might want to visit the garden regularly.