What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men fundamentally different from women. It grows in men during puberty and is responsible for many physical and mental qualities, such as hair and muscle growth, sex drive, fertility and overall mood. The hormone also affects men psychologically, providing confidence, determination and high levels of achievement when its levels are at their peak, generally during men’s 20s and early 30s.

Once men reach 30, however, it is recognised that the levels of testosterone they produce begins to decrease year upon year. The levels and rates of reduction vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle and genetic makeup. It is generally understood that the average levels of testosterone decrease between 1-2% each year. This may not sound too dramatic, but when you factor in the compound effect as the symptoms start to become apparent, at the age of 50 a man’s testosterone levels could have dropped by half compared to his levels in his 20s. The side effects of this dramatic decline can be very damaging to many men’s mental and physical health.

The symptoms of low testosterone are different for everyone, however reported side effects include; increase in body fat, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone mass, poor natural recovery, low libido and erectile dysfunction, heightened fatigue, difficulty concentrating, low moods and loss of ambition. These symptoms may, however, be linked to other conditions and do not necessarily point to low testosterone, so doctors recommend a blood test to find out the exact cause.

It is possible to overcome a lot of these symptoms naturally, by making positive and healthy lifestyle changes. By making simple changes to your diet and exercise routines it is possible to naturally decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, heighten natural immunities and increase energy levels. Finally, by making these changes naturally it will feel good and have an amazing effect on natural mood and energy levels. Exercise is the best natural medication, producing endorphins that help combat stress levels, in turn having a positive effect on energy levels and sex drive, as well as helping with unbalanced sleeping patterns.

It is understood that making these natural changes is not possible for everyone, and also sometimes men’s testosterone rates decreasing simply won’t be affected by just exercise and a change in diet. In these cases Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is an option that could be considered.

Finally it is important to remember that these symptoms of low testosterone are natural signs of ageing and every man goes through them. It may be thought to be ‘not very manly’ to admit to feelings of anxiety about low libido affecting your sexual relationship with your partner. However, the worst way to deal with these problems is to keep them bottled in. By opening up to your partner, friends or family about these symptoms and talking through your options, either through making natural lifestyle changes or by exploring the process of TRT, a weight will be lifted, and you will be in a better place to start exploring your options further.
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