Advantages of A Roof Mounted AC Unit

Rooftop AC units are highly used these days as they can be the best solution for a heating or cooling need. As the name implies, it’s a type of self-contained unit that can be installed on the roof of a house. It can also be used for all sorts of applications, commercial or otherwise and hence, the oft-held notion that this type of air conditioning is suitable only for commercial surroundings has no ground. It’s different from a conventional split-system air conditioner and can come in many different sizes.

This type of air conditioner connects directly to the ductwork from the roof itself. It offers many advantages over other types of air conditioners but before we look into them, let’s go through the unit to understand its advantages.

  • These units have a robust design – Rooftop AC units are factory tested and come assembled for a place of installation. As they are installed outdoors, they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like direct sunlight, rain or strong bouts of wind. Even the paint coating that is used on them can be expected to be of a suitable grade so that it can weather all types of climatic condition. The doors of the unit are also designed in such a way that they can tolerate windy conditions and water is not able to seep inside the housing assembly. However, before going for installation, it must be ensured that a rooftop is sturdy enough to bear the weight of this type of AC unit.
  • The components are energy efficient – Most roof mounted AC units arrive at a site as a packaged unit with a serviceable housing in which the following energy-efficient components can be expected. A compressor, condenser fan, evaporator, receiver, drain pan, condenser, check valves, expansion valves, evaporator blower fan, and vibration eliminators can be easily expected in a unit apart from few other customized requirements.
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    A higher energy efficiency rating can do a world of good for any owner as substantial energy can be saved and the electricity bill can be kept in check. It’s also recommendable here to use an environmentally-friendly refrigerant like the R410A for a unit.
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  • Achieving optimum air control – The air control in this type of system is achieved through dampers that are controlled electronically in an automated way. The controlling dampers in this type of system are the exhaust damper, conditioned air damper, intake and return damper. There are also various sensors in this system that measures the air temperature of the surrounding. Hence, depending upon the feedback and unit setting of these sensors, the dampers open and close accordingly.
  • Distinct advantages of the system – A rooftop AC can provide many advantages over other types of air conditioning. First and foremost, it can be a quieter option so that it’s always away from the earshot and hence, there will be no distraction from it. Secondly, it offers better security and one can stay sure that it cannot be vandalized easily. Moreover, there will be less dirt, dust, and debris in this type of AC compared to any outdoor AC unit. Finally, it can be safer from any type of damage as ground units can be more prone to things like broken trees, yard appliances, etc.

By taking a look at the roof mounted AC units, we can understand that it’s a great option for any type of establishment. Although the initial cost of installation may be slightly on the higher side, it can definitely be useful and cheaper in the long run.

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