Choosing a Bathroom Basin that Complements Your Bathroom

A bathroom basin is not only one of the most functional features of a bathroom, it also makes a bold statement (if you choose the right type). So how do you choose a bathroom basin that complements your bathroom? Here are three considerations you need to think about:

Size of the bathroom

When choosing a bathroom basin, the first thing to assess is the size of your bathroom. Do you have enough space for a vanity? Or is your floor space limited? These simple questions determine the type of basin that you can choose from. Some of them require a vanity or countertop to sit on top of, while others can save you valuable floor space, although the latter may sacrifice additional storage in the bathroom.

Types of basins

The next thing you need to think about when choosing a bathroom basin is the type. There are eight types of bathroom basins to choose from:

  1. Corner sinks: These are perfect for small bathrooms because they don’t take up a lot of space. However, the downside is you won’t get additional storage or countertop space to put things on.

  • Countertop basins, as the name suggests, are placed on top of counters and serve as a design feature in bathrooms. If you want to maximize storage, they also allow you to have more room under the sink.


  1. Freestanding basins are not attached to a vanity or placed on top of counters. They don’t provide you extra storage in the bathroom, but they make a bold and sculptural statement in the space.
  1. Inset basins are the opposite of countertop basins. They are recessed, lying almost flush into the counter and are partially hidden by the vanity.
  1. Semi-recessed basins are inset basins with a lip that slightly protrudes from the counter and vanity. Most farmhouse sinks are semi-recessed.
  1. Pedestal basins are placed on top of a stand, that hides the piping from sight. They don’t come with under the sink storage, but they are a great space-saving option.
  1. Wall-mounted basins hide most of the pipework behind the wall to leave the floor under the sink open. If the pipes are exposed, they become part of the industrial design of the basin.
  1. Semi-pedestal basins are wall-mounted basins, that still come with a stand.

Style of the bathroom

The last thing you need to consider before you choose a bathroom basin is the style of the bathroom. You need to choose a basin style that will harmoniously fit with the interior design. For example, wall-mounted and freestanding basins work well in a modern bathroom. Semi-recessed basins are perfect for cottage and farmhouse-inspired interiors. Meanwhile, countertop basins add a touch of luxury to glam bathrooms.

As a recap, when choosing a bathroom basin that best compliments your bathroom, you should consider three things: the size of the space, the type of basin and the style of the bathroom. Keep these things in mind when designing the bathroom of your dreams, to make sure it becomes a reality.

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