Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Summers in Australia are known for being particularly brutal with temperatures in the past going up to as high as 40°C (104°F). With such high outside temperatures, it only makes sense to remain indoors and try to remain as cool as possible and this is where choosing the right air conditioner is crucial.

When it comes to air conditioners, there are three (3) common factors to consider before making your decision – room size, efficiency and budget.

Room Size

The primary factor to consider is to determine how large the room is. The room size is almost directly proportional to the air conditioner (AC) capacity. For example, a smaller room will require a smaller AC capacity.
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As a rule of thumb, a room size of up to 10 square metres will require a 0.8-ton AC capacity, while a room size of up to 38 square metres will require a 2.0-ton capacity. Installing the appropriate AC capacity can make all the difference in energy consumption.
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For example, a 0.8-ton AC in a 38 sq.m room will struggle to cool a room that size, thereby making it consume a lot of energy.

Energy Efficiency

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the Australian government encourages home owners to be more energy efficient. As such, it is now mandatory for some home appliances to have a label showing the energy efficiency rating of their products. Research has shown that up to 30% of the energy used in homes are consumed by home appliances. Therefore, when looking at air conditioning systems it is important to go with ones with a higher star rating. More energy efficient appliances also mean less money on bills later on.


When it comes to purchasing, money is always a factor. Determine how much you are willing to spend, before setting out to find an AC to buy. Consider the cost of the appliance and the cost of installation and maintenance. The right AC for you is one that is within your budget and has the appropriate capacity to cool down your room.

Other Factors to Consider

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

There are other factors worth considering when choosing the right AC to install. Seasonal variation is an obvious factor with both heating and cooling being a necessity, however, it would be inefficient and expensive to get two different systems for cooling and warming. That is why the reverse cycle air conditioner are quite popular in Australia.

Installation Type

Another factor to consider is the installation type.

  • Central AC – best if you are not on a budget and want one central system for the entire building. It has a higher cost of installation.
  • Split Systems – perfect for energy efficiency and isolated cooling, warming, or both, as is the case with reverse cycle split systems. They are mounted on the wall indoors and can be used for smaller rooms at homes or offices.
  • Window Unit – Also good for smaller rooms. It is relatively cheaper than the split and central systems.

Be sure to take everything into consideration before making your choice. Your lifestyle, budget, room size, and convenience should all play a role in your decision making when choosing the right AC for you.

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