Dual Comfort Mattresses in India: How to choose?

dual comfort mattress

An average person spends 33% of his/her sleeping and it is just as essential as food and water for the body. A good quality mattress that offers comfort and support throughout the night is a necessity to get a good night’s rest. Every person is unique with a different sleeping position, weight, body type and height. When sleeping with your partner there are many things that are essential for sleep that you both may differ and one of them may be the firmness of the mattress. If one prefers a softer mattress and the other hard one then one of them has to compromise. But not anymore with the advent of dual comfort mattress from Wakefit.

What is dual comfort mattress?

The dual comfort mattress offers dual comfort meaning opposite surfaces offers different comfort. While one side of the mattress is made firm for those preferring a harder surface; the other side is a soft mattress. With both sides of the bed becoming usable one can choose between the two sides based on the comfort and the firmness requirement. That way when partners sleep together they don’t have to compromise and nobody loses out. The dual comfort mattress is the perfect solution for couples who like different levels of firmness in their mattress.

dual comfort mattress

How to choose a dual comfort mattress

There are many factors to consider while choosing a dual comfort mattress. Some of them are listed below:

Design: These mattresses can be made of many types of materials like the memory foam, latex or spring. The most recommended are the memory foam mattress as they offer great comfort and support. The mattress feel should be medium soft to the medium firm on opposite surfaces. They are usually made of two layers of mattress one is high-resilience foam for the base support and the other is the soft foam to give a cloud-like comfort. The top cover is typically made of a fabric which can enhance airflow and improves breathability. Based on the mattress firmness desired one can flip and use it.

Durability: Look for a mattress that uses high-density foam at the base. The use of high-density foam offers great support to the other layers of the mattress and that gives more life to it and value for money.

Support: Another factor to consider while selecting a dual comfort mattress is the support it offers to the body. The use of a firm base is better for the back and spinal alignment. The sleep quality improves as there are no pains and aches.

Temperature control: While choosing a dual comfort mattress look for one that offers temperature control as most cities in India tend to get hot in summers. As the night progresses sleepers get hotter and if the mattress is not made of a breathable material it can add to the heat and make sleep uncomfortable. Many mattress companies are making innovative designs with bigger sized foam cells for better airflow and also to keep it cool.

Comfort: The best mattress is the one which offers great comfort. When a sleeper lies on a mattress it should not push you up as that can lead to increased pressure on the joints. The less it pushes the better comfort it provides.

Price: The price is always a consideration for a shopper. The most expensive mattress need not be the best for your needs. There are many online mattress manufacturers who offer high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Conduct thorough research online, based on your needs and budget and decide on the best high-quality mattress.

If you are looking to invest in a new mattress then a dual comfort mattress is a good choice as it can give you firmness choices as well as great sleep.

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