Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio: Here is what you need to Know

In most cases, nursing home abuse results in bedsores. The residents of these facilities tend to get bed sores at a rate that is nearly twice often as other patients in hospitals.

This high rate is usually the result of the less strict guidelines that must be followed in these facilities compared to the rules followed in hospitals when it comes to the treatment of the patients. The absence of stringent rules allows nursing home administrators to focus on getting more clients and focus on increasing their profits at the expense of quality resident care.
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Bed sores are also known as decubitus ulcers. The damage to the patient’s skin and the underlying tissue is a result of sustained pressure whenever the resident in the facility lies in the same position for a long time in bed. Also, staying in the same position in a wheelchair can also result in pressure sores. Note that the sustained pressure tends to restrict the necessary blood flow to the patient’s tissue, which can result in temporary or permanent damage.

Nearly all types of bedsores in every nursing home are preventable. But prevention of bedsores requires routine monitoring and even active response including treating existing wounds and repositioning the resident. With regular turning and moving, effective blood flow can offer enough oxygen and nutrients to the area and lower the potential of bedsore development. If you believe that your loved one is facing nursing home abuse, it is wise to consult with a trusted Cleveland nursing home abuse attorney to determine the right course of action.

Facility staffing issues can contribute to the abuse of patients

Generally, there has been an increase for more beds in nursing homes as more people live longer into their retirement years. But the competition between nursing homes to stay full open results in minimal staffing and that forces residents to wait longer to get the necessary care such as changing linens and soiled clothing. That means older individuals who are unable to change themselves may be forced to sit or lie in the soiling until they get assistance from the caregiver.

Every time an elderly are forced to sit in their urine and faeces, their skin becomes weak, losing its elasticity and durability due to the excessive moisture. With time, the skin might become more susceptible to the development of sores. At first, these sores might not be a major issue. But through lack of training of the caregivers or neglect, a severe sore can be an underlying cause of the patient’s death while staying in the facility.

Improper management of the residents’ need can cause bedsores

Keep in mind that poorly managed nursing facilities place its residents at risk for developing bedsores. Patients develop these sores after being admitted is the result of the nursing home and probably the medical staff abuse or negligence. Note that pressure sores can also develop due to other problems in the nursing facility. These issues include immobility for a long time, malnutrition and dehydration, and excessive skin moisture associated with unchanged diapers and wet sheets.

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