Questions a Personal Injury Attorney Should Answer Before You Get Him Hired

You cannot always foretell when an accident would happen. More so, you cannot always count on motorists to be careful on the roads. Being injured thanks to someone else’s negligence can totally disorient you.
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We are talking about the probability of being bedridden for weeks and not being able to go to work, the wreckage of your car, and of course hospital bills to settle. Luckily for you, if you are not at fault, you can have all that settled by the fault-party.

But it easier said than done. Some offenders may turn out to be stubborn, and you will need the intervention of someone with a knack in personal injury law. While you are looking to hire an Athens personal injury lawyer, you need to ask him the following questions to affirm that you are working with someone who will get you the compensation you deserve.

  1. Are there personal injury cases that you took to trial that were successful?

If you go for a sales job interview, you need to tell the panel the number of conversions you have made in your experience for them to trust you to deliver. It is no different when it comes to a personal injury lawyer. It is quite obvious. A lawyer who has no experience of a personal injury trial will have trouble getting you the proper settlement. Gauging from the answer, he will give you; you can tell if you are going to get good results.

  1. How many cases are you handling as we speak?

Why is this question important? Well, you need to know if this attorney will have time for your case. Note that personal injury cases are one of those that can take up to three years. If you get a good attorney, you can have it done within six months. You can however not bank on this to make the final decision as it all depends on the capabilities and expertise of firm in handling multiple cases.
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Nevertheless, you can use this question to point out if it will take the lawyer more time to complete your case.

  1. Can you take my case to trial?

It is advisable that you hire a personal injury attorney that can be able to take your case to trial.
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It is why you need a ‘Yes’ answer to this question. Why? Well, you need to note that the defendant may not be willing to claim responsibility or fail to make a settlement. In such an event, you might be required to take your case for trial, and you need an attorney to present your case. You need a lawyer that can be able to handle your case up to the finish line.

  1. Can you provide me with references from clients you have worked with before?

If everything seems to be okay with this lawyer, then word of mouth can come in handy in making a certain decision: references. The lawyer has worked with many clients before. You might want to hear from them and ascertain that you will be getting nothing but the best from this attorney. If a lawyer or a firm is reluctant with giving answers to this, then that should raise red flags.

The questions will act as a checklist to help you get the right person for the job.

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