6 Best Kids Friendly Restaurants in Las Vegas

Many Vegas’ cafes, restaurants, and eateries don’t always offer a children-dedicated menu or don’t provide adequate kid-friendly atmospheres. And it’s because of this; parents seem to end up dining at the same place over and over again each time they go out to eat in Vegas.

Below, we have mentioned only a few of the high-rated Kid Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas to help you enrich your stay.

Best Kids Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas

1- Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner has 2 dedicated cub’s menus, as to suit all age groups from 2-18. Many delicious food varieties are available to order for all meals throughout the day. All lunch and dinner dishes are served with your choice of either French fries or apple wedges. And if you decided to get your kid a cub’s breakfast before 11 a.m. you’ll get a cub ice cream sundae for free.

2- Bok Bok Chicken

If your kids have been breaking the bank during the entire family vacation, then it’s time to save a little cash as children have their own totally free kids meal anytime their parent order any regular adult meal on Saturdays at all 3 Bok Bok Chicken Las Vegas branches.

3- Big Whiskey’s American Restaraunt& Bar

Yet another budget-saving Kid Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas, is the Big Whiskey’s. As on Wednesdays, all kids have welcomed to have a free meal of their choice from grilled cheese, shrimp, corndogs, mini and chicken tenders. As for the adults includes many tasty selections; flavorful Sriracha street tacos, the Nashville hot chicken, the barbecue burger, and the very special chicken Alfredo pasta topped with ranch sauce.

Friendly Restaurants

4- Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Combine the Las Vegas glam with the fame of Chef Gordon Ramsay and you may have the BurGR of your life. Dining there is pretty unique and takes the regular burger experience to a whole new level. Featuring a vividly decorated contemporary decor and the fun and varied menu can together bring solace to the saddest hearts.

Open-flame chargrilled burger patties are cooked to excellence, let alone the mouth-watering Hell’s Kitchen, Farm, and Blue burger specialties. The single drawback you may encounter, is that you will most likely have a wait for a table, but believe us; it’s worth the wait.

5- Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

At Lazy Dog, there are 2 separate children’s menus. The 1st one is for kids from 2-8 years old featuring some finger food delights, pasta of all shapes, kinds and with different toppings to satisfy even the pickiest little eaters.

The 2nd children’s menu is for the aged between 8-12 years featuring some creative options as engaging the kids to build their very own pizza with only ingredients they prefer. All kids meals are served with your choice of drinks and one healthy delicious side.

6- Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

This eatery serves a more extended kids menu that is flavored with butter and parmesan including the outstanding spaghetti and meatballs, exceptional pizza pies with various toppings as well as more gourmet specialties such as pan-fried salmon with sautéed spinach, breaded fried chicken schnitzel, and some juicy steak dishes.

Additionally, if you just took a good look at the Vegas Lens Directory, you’d probably find dozens of Kid Friendly Restaurants In Las Vegas.

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