Enjoy your day with brunch foods

Barcelona brunch spots

Have you heard of brunch? It is usually served late in the morning and before lunch. You can find many restaurants and hotels serving brunch type of food in most part of the world. It is possible to find the tradition type foods according to the destination you visit. Travelers travelling various parts of the world will reach their destination place at mid morning time. At this time the brunch hotels will be much useful to them to eat and get relax. In foreign countries alcoholic drinks are served along with the meal. After reaching your destination place search for the Barcelona brunch spots located near you with the help of map location. With the menu, you can find various types of brunch foods that are being served at single place. You can expect breakfast items like pancakes, egg items and various delicious cakes from breakfast menu. Apart from this, the restaurants also provide different types of meat items and fried food varieties like burgers, pizzas, hot drinks and so on.

Here are some of the top most Barcelona brunch spots serving the travelers and local residing people.
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Enkel provides bread and pastries along with cool coffee items and delicious beer from famous beer and coffee brewers. The enkel opens at 10.00 am morning and runs throughout the day. Other special items available will be sandwich, specially prepared cheese breads and various roll types stuffed with grilled onions, cheddar, cabbages. You can start your day with enkel to feel pleasant throughout the day.

Barcelona brunch spots

Bristol café

The Bristol café have worth reasons for the visitors to have a look at it for tasting the special dishes available here. You can taste a distinct flavored French coffee that will last forever in your taste buds.
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The design of the menu card itself pulls the attention of the people visiting there again. The image of various dishes printed itself captivates the eyes of travelers towards the shop.

Another specialty of Bristol café will be you cannot see plastic items here that are harmful to the environment. Water for the customers are served in reusable bottles after filtration and mineralization.


Pinhan is known for its location under nature rich trees that are old enough to provide pleasant environment with fresh air to its visitors. In this scenario enjoying the Turkish famous food items will make the visitors will have an unforgettable memory with it. The menu will range from Turkish cheese stuffed breads, salad items, sandwiches, burgers with organic beef stuffed in it. With these spicy food items make yourself cool with perfumed lemon drinks with ice floating on it, cold juices and fresh chilled wines that makes you mouth watering. As pinhan is located near to the park you can order a picnic basket of items that will be served with chilled wine bottle.

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