5 Benefits of Writing With a Fountain Pen

The journey of a person and their fountain pens starts at a very early stage. The moment when a child, usually in Class 5th make the transition from a pencil to pen, the first pen that is given to them to use is a Fountain pen.

There are a number of reasons behind the choice – reasons that we will discuss in much detail in the article here.
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Reasons that are not restricted to improving the handwriting of a child or an adult.

Well, no matter how many reasons are there behind making Fountain pens the right writing companion, the fact remains that the benefits are too much to give fountain pens the status of being an accessory writing instrument.

Without further delay, let us get to the several benefits that come attached with writing from a fountain pen.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Good Fountain Pen

For the Beautiful Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is something that has enticed people for a very long, in fact ever since they started writing on paper.

Now thinking that you would be able to do cursive writing with a usual ball pen is hands down, a fallacy for there are very few (and even fewer cost effective) pens that are engineered to allow the glides and slides that cursive writing requires.

For non-skipping grip

Unlike ball pens and even pilot pens which tend to slip a lot when you hold them, fountain pen give a lot better grip, thus making writing all the more comfortable and long-time friendly. This non-slip or better grip formula comes in even more handy when students are involved for they get to write for long without any discomfort whatsoever.

So, in case you too are looking for a no-slip writing instruments, fountain pens can be your friend.

For Minimal to Zero Hand Fatigue

Unlike other pen types in the market, in case of fountain pens the ink flows directly in the nib, which not just make it comfortable to write but also frees the writers from putting too much pressure on the head of the pen to make the ink flow and write.

Usually, what happens is that the writers have to put too much pressure into holding the pen for they want the ink to flow straight. This is something that causes pain in the wrist and hands in general – something that can be easily avoided when you use a fountain pen to write.

For the Fact That They Are a lot More Affordable Than You Think

It is generally assumed that fountain pens are too expensive to keep and maintain and have a variety of. But, the truth couldn’t be farther away from the fact. In actuality, there are a huge number of fountain pens present in the market today with their wide variety of pricing options.

Options that not just make it easier for EVERYONE to own a fountain pen but also keep a variety on it at home.

For the Pseudo-Endless Possibilities

The possibilities of customization when it comes to fountain pens are endless. There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to the nibs – thin, thick, italics, wide, etc. Also, you can choose between whether you want an ink cartridge setup or one where you where you have to work with an ink pot. And if this was not enough, think of all the colors. There are a sea full of colour options that you get now a days. In fact, the whole concept of as many colors as there in the rainbow is something that has failed with fountain pens.

So, here were the five reasons of why you should invest in a fountain pen. Reasons that we are sure would have enticed you enough to buy a fountain pen for yourself or for somebody you know.

And assuming that you have made the decision and are all set to buy a fountain pen, head on to one of the India’s most trusted pen websites -…. and make the choice from hundreds of available options.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comment section below why you love fountain pens.

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