Always Look Good With Sunglasses: Knowing Your Face Shape

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The secret to style your sunglasses is to know the frames that are right for your face shape. It should be able to complement your features instead of contradicting with them. The same with everything else, sunglasses don’t only come in one set. There are sunglasses perfect to sport with your work attire and give you the casual look. Some are more easygoing and others need features to pair on to make an impression. There are these retro-inspired frames and fashion sunglasses in hong kong for you. No matter what sunglasses you choose, find the right sunglasses for your face shape. This can be your guide to show your personality where you see fit and enjoy the cool looking shades. 

Who Can Wear Aviator Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are versatile, to say the least, anyone can wear them. Teens, young adult, or older people alike can wear them.
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You only need to get the variation of aviators that fits you. From the shape up to its shade, it could make you look more attractive and masculine. The darker shades can give you that bad boy stereotype or lighter colors for a softer look. With all the different shapes, sizes, colors, and frames, you can always wear it with style.

How Can You Wear It?

Wearing any aviator sunglasses does not take much effort as long as you know the trick. It is important to look great without trying too hard. Thus, you need to choose a frame and then pair them with outfits that suit your style. You can opt for the classic aviators that are best paired with more casual attire.
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Or an elegant frame like round acetate for your three-piece business suits. There are many aviator designs to date that you can wear with about everything else.

Aviators are perfect for casual wear by pairing it with chinos and a button-down oxford. You can also fit them for a business attire that is not too formal. It goes well in any combination of a casual flair but, not with flashy suits. You can also have them with a bold pinstriped suit or a jacket for a subtle attire. But, they might not work for formal affairs. If you are to wear on occasions as such, consider an aviator that is not quite so bold. 

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The Sunglasses that Suit Your Face 

Figure out what face shape you have before you pick sunglasses to wear on. All sunglasses help to frame your faces not only by protecting our eyes. This means that you can get that aviator design perfect for your style and face shape. Here are the main types of face shape and the right sunglasses for you:

  • Oblong Faces. Almost all sunglasses goes well to you but, avoid anything that makes your face look even longer. The squared-off aviators do the trick as it complements your facial features so well.
  • Inverted Triangle. This is when you have a wider forehead than your chin, which narrows down relative straight lines. You can wear the rounded lens to play against the straighter lines of your face but, should not go too heavy on the brow. 
  • Diamond Face Shape. You tend to have sharper angles where the length and width are pretty similar. And your cheekbones are more pronounced with a well-defined jaw. So, play with your shape and go for something like a larger-than-average lens. You can also go for rounded shapes and rectangular styles.

You can always look good with aviators of your face shape. So, pick the right one and wear them with style.