Choose Best Quality Helmets For Protection by GIVI

motorcycle helmets variation in Malaysia

Whether you are riding Benelli, CMC, KTM, or Yamaha, the helmet is the most important safety equipment for everyone. There is no doubt that wearing helmets is one of the main things that can protect you from severe injuries on the head. But as the riders craze for speed is increasing, the concerns about their safety are slightly decreasing. That’s why; GIVI has laid emphasis on designing customized helmets for every brand of motorcycles. You can find motorcycle helmets variation in Malaysia in the best quality.

Riding bikes give the bikers a sense of freedom on the road. But it can also be dangerous sometimes. Thus, you need to understand the importance of wearing helmets on the road.
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If you look at the real surveys and calculations, then you will find out that the riders that wear helmets are 37% effective in preventing deaths. And alongside, the helmets can reduce the chances of brain injury up to 67%. Thus, almost every country has mandated the use of helmets while you are riding bikes. So, from now on, you should always remember to wear helmets. And as you searching for the best quality helmets, you should consider the following points:

  • Thick Inner Liner: The standards specify that the inner liner must be made from polystyrene foam and need to be at least 1 inch thick. A helmet with almost negligible padding and the bare plastic shell will be of no use for you.
  • Sturdy Chip Strap and Rivets: A helmet should have sturdy chip straps with solid straps that don’t slip off. Only this will keep the helmet secured and in-place for the wearer.

motorcycle helmets variation in Malaysia

  • The weight of Helmet: Normally the weight of the helmets should be three pounds. The lightweight helmets are not considered that much safe.
  • DOT Sticker: The helmets must have the sticker of the Department of Transportation sticker on it. This dot sticker means that the helmet is constructed within the ideal guidelines.
  • Manufacturer Label: This label has the manufacturer’s name, model, size, month and year of manufacture and placed inside the helmet. If any helmet you buy doesn’t have this label, then avoid buying as this means it is not a legit product.

Hopefully, from now on, whenever you buy a helmet, you will think of these features. All the above-listed factors combined to determine the safety of the helmet. And as the helmet’s main purpose is safety, thus, you can never compromise with it. Luckily, GIVI takes the safety of its customers very seriously. Thus, all the motorcycle helmets variations in Malaysia are designed with best quality materials. Plus, the helmets are also affordable. So, remember the policy for your own safety and then buy a helmet which suits your style and still keep you safe. GIVI has dedicated its service to provide the top-class gears and equipment to its customers. Therefore, you can rely on their products whether it is a helmet, hard or soft bag, waterproof garments, or other security and technical gears.

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