Expert Tips On How To Buy Your First Luxury Bag

Purchasing your first luxury handbag can be a blessing yet challenging experience. When you buy it, you will feel like you are the luckiest human around the world.
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Indeed, designer bags are an investment. At first, you can struggle on choosing the brand that you wanted to have. Add to that the price you can afford plus the color of the bag.
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But in this article, you will learn the essential tips on the things to consider when selecting designer handbags. Every decision that you do along your handbag journey is essential. However, none will ever be memorable than your first designer collection. Thus, you must make sure that it’s the right one:


The first important thing is to settle a price point. Even seasoned bag collectors believe that budgeting is essential. Consider carefully how much are you willing and comfortable to spend on a bag.

Keep in mind that your first 명품 bag can be your investment. It does not necessarily mean that the bag’s value will increase over time. However, you must have a bag which can withstand many years of wear and tear.

For some buyers, their budget can be around $1,000 to $2,000. For others, they have set a budget for a classic flap of Chanel. The most important thing is for you to buy a bag that you really wanted to have. If you will be carrying a bag but you still wish that you have another design, then it will be best not to buy it. Thereafter, reassess your priorities.

Over time, you can master this tip and grow as a person. Recognize that this is only the initial step in having your bags collection.


As you have made up your mind on your budget, it is best to reflect on how you will use the bag for the next days. When and where do you see yourself with your new designer bag?
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Are you always in the office? If so, what type of bag will you have? Is it a tote or satchel?

These are some of the questions you might want to consider to have an idea of the color, size, and shape that will suit your lifestyle. Because of your lifestyle, your bag can get a lot of wear. As such, you need to have an adaptable and trusty product.


Another factor to think about is how the style of the bag can last for many years especially with your personal preferences. Remember, the trend must not dictate your purchase. If you wish to buy a bag that is now trending, then go for it. However, trends changes and only your personal style will remain for many years. As such, look for a bag that can adapt through the years.

Bag Care

For some, 명품 bag care is less important. However, it is practical that you know how your bag will wear after many years. For example, there are types of leather that wear worse versus the rest. Be sure to know the recommended treatments and necessary repairs for the bag.