Top tips for shaving effectively

Top tips for shaving effectively

Regular shaving helps in maintaining a well groomed personality. Your skin will feel calmer and smoother after shaving. But for proper shaving, you require some essential equipment. The selection of shaving equipment depends upon the choices of shaving method, budget and location. Here are some required materials for effective shaving:

Getting prepare for shaving

There are many men who directly go with the razor and start shaving without having any type of protection layer on the face which can lead to cuts, irritation and it also burns out the razor.

Before you start shaving, it is beneficial to wash your face with warm water that can be helpful for softening the hair and also removing the dead skin cells and excess oil from your face.

Using shaving brush

Shaving brush is one of the essential tools that will be helpful for providing a smooth shave. It can be beneficial for evenly applying the shaving cream at all the necessary parts in the face. You can find several varieties of brushes in the market such as synthetic brush, badger brush, horse brush, etc.
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Make sure that you have to consider the right one which consists of proper balance of softness and stiffness.

cut throat razor

Selection of razor

Razors play an important role in shaving and it is necessary to go with the right razor. Therefore, try to go with the sharp one. You will get two types of razors in the market such as straight razor and cut throat razor. The selection between these two razors depends upon the toughness of beard you have.

Shaving cream

Choosing the right shaving cream is also necessary because there are different types of shaving creams available in the market and almost all contain chemicals which can dry out your skin so avoid buying them. Shaving cream should be one that moisturizes the hairs and lubricating the face for providing a smooth shaving experience.

It is also necessary to apply it in the correct way. You only need to learn one technique that is applying the cream in a circular motion around the beard and end up with upward stroke and avoid using extra usage of gel or cream on your face. You only require a pea sized drop of cream.


Shaving in a proper angle is also necessary. You have to start shaving with 90 degree angle and end up with roll down at 30 degree angle. You do not need to apply too much pressure as gentle pressure is enough for effective shaving.


After shaving, there are some common problems such as inflammation and reddening which are faced by people. Shaving can have a harsh effect on your skin. Therefore, use of aftershaves lotion is necessary for prevent these skin problems.

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