Delhi, get your hands on the best ever 4G today

If you’re in Delhi and on the lookout for the best prepaid connection, then just make a beeline for Airtel prepaid.
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We tell you why.

Getting a new prepaid phone connection is quite simple. You have ample choice in terms of choosing a service provider and the right prepaid pack for your needs. If you’re looking for a new prepaid connection, you should just make a beeline for Airtel prepaid.

Get the best ever 4G for Delhi – Get the Airtel prepaid advantage

Not only is Airtel one of the leading lights in the mobile telephony space, it is also the provider of the fastest and most enduring mobile networks in India.

With the highest numbers of cell phone towers across all providers, Airtel’s robust presence ensures that you can find an Airtel prepaid or postpaid phone connection in practically every Indian city and town. Whether you want a permanent postpaid connection after moving cities, or a temporary prepaid connection for just a few months, you can trust Airtel’s excellent customer service, high proliferation of mobile stores, and always-on connectivity to deliver for you.

Besides, Airtel has now made it so much easier for users in Delhi/NCR to buy prepaid connections. All you have to do is buy the new Airtel prepaid connection online, and the SIM card is delivered to your doorstep!

Here’s why you should check out Airtel prepaid:

  • You can buy the prepaid pack on the company website or smartphone app, myAirtel.
  • Choose between two Airtel 4G SIM prices: Rs 248 and Rs 495. The Airtel 4G SIM price is inclusive of the data, calling facility, activation and access to premium apps.
  • For Rs 248, the prepaid pack is valid for 28 days. Meanwhile, the Rs 495 pack is valid for 84 days. With both packs, you get 1.4 GB daily data, unlimited calling,and free access to Airtel TV Premium app.
  • Thus, the Airtel 4G SIM price is quite cost-effective for those who do not wish to spend large amounts of money on phone bills. It is also a better option for those whose phone use is not very heavy.

Here’s how you can buy a new Airtel prepaid connection:

  • You have the option to buy a new Airtel prepaid number, or port to Airtel prepaid from your existing service provider. With porting, you become an Airtel subscriber while retaining your old phone number.
  • Fill out your basic details (Name, mobile number, address, pin code, locality, and whether you want a new phone number or wish to convert to Airtel prepaid) on the Airtel prepaid home page. This information helps the company process your request, contact you, suggest suitable plans, etc.
  • Once you click on ‘Buy now’, the purchase process is considered underway. Airtel sends your new prepaid SIM card to your residence and completes the application and KYC formalities thereafter.
  • After approval of your purchase, the new SIM card is activated and you can start using it.
  • Every time the pack validity runs out, you can recharge the pack online in just a few steps.