Tips To Book Discounted Business Class Flights

It is no surprise that booking flights can rip off your pockets, especially when booking Business Class. So here are a few tips for you on how to cut back and save up while booking flight tickets in Business Class:

  1. Acknowledge the real deal and keep an eye on discounts

Almost all airlines offer discounts on Business Class flight tickets, all yearround. You can get yourself a good deal if you know the actual price of the ticket andare aware of the current and upcoming deals while booking flights.

  1. Consolidators

You can get ‘unpublished’ airfares which are relatively lower than the standard ones, if you get aquotation from a Business Class specialist consolidator who isessentiallya part of larger tradeumbrellas like IATA, ABTA, and ASTA.

  1. Specific geographical factors

Airfares can vary depending on the country and city of departure. You can book flights from the airports that are relatively cheaper and closer to your location;this might save a lot of money as you relish in the luxury of Business Class.
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  1. Split the trip

Consider dividing your journey into 2 or more parts and taking flights with halts in between – youtravel via cheaper airports and cheaper airlines halfway through to catch better deals.

  1. Choose all Business Class airlines

All Business Class airlines usually have cheaper airfares compared to their Economy and Business Classcounterparts. Also, the lesser-known and off-beat airlines often have a more affordable rate card forflights booking.

  1. Stay loyal

Stick to one airline and let your credit points add up. Also, look out for credit card bonuses and mile credit. Keep an eye on the expiration dates and terms and condition of usage of the points tomake the most of them during your flight bookings.

Once you pick an airline for the long run, get yourself its co-branded card.
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Elite travel cards are allyou need to avail unprecedented flyer perks.

  1. Fly on better days

Usually, business travelers are flying on weekdays, so weekend tickets are much cheaper.

Book yourself a Business Class flight ticket right away and relish in the luxe!

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