Car Seat Safety Standards 101: Everything You Should Know

Safety is a priority when buying an infant car seat. You do not have to worry because all car seats sold in the market today meet the same safety standards. Some, like, even go above and beyond by offering extra features. Proper installation and proper usage also affect the safety of the car seat. If you have no idea about any safety standards, here are factors you should consider.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American Association of Pediatrics

Buy an infant car seat that meets the standards of both. The two organizations recommend extended rear-facing seating with five-point harness protection. You should use it for as long as possible for the baby.
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That is about until two years or so. Your toddler can shift to forward-facing after reaching a certain height and weight. After that, he or she can move to a booster seat.Car interior

Measure the interior of your vehicle before choosing an infant car seat. There should be ample, comfortable space for everyone after the installation. A car seat that is far too big for a small vehicle can compromise the safety of the baby. It can also make other passengers uncomfortable.

safety car seats

Unseen and minor damages

You have to inspect the car seat before you buy it. Check for breaks, sharp edges, and scuffs. You do not want any potential problems. There should be no nooks where your baby can get caught. Choose an infant car seat that has no damages, no matter how small.

Proper installation

Reading the manual that comes with any product is a must. The same goes for an infant car seat. Keep in mind the official height and weight limits for the car seat. Make sure you follow the installation instructions as shown in the manual. It would be best to choose a car seat with an easy latch system for easier installation. If you are unsure about your installation, you can contact others to do a free safety check. These include your local police, fire station, car dealership, or baby store.

Five-point harness

Your infant car seat should have a five-point harness to ensure the safety of your baby. It connects at the hips, at the shoulders, and between the baby’s legs. There should be no loose belts or straps once you buckle in your baby.

Choosing an infant car seat depends on your personal preferences. No matter what you choose, make sure it offers the best safety option for you and the baby.
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