Electric scooters-modern way of transportation

The electric scooters have become the most important symbol of modern and urban development as well as transportation. It is a very common sight in big cities nowadays and this has also become a trend in the world of transportation. Hence, many of the people are going with the option of purchasing the Hawk E Scooter India so that they can avail several kinds of benefits associated with electric scooters.

 The Hawk E scooter comes from the house of Odysse which provides bucketful of advantages to the people who purchase it.

 Some of the top-notch features of this particular product provided by this company have been mentioned as follows:

 – The top speed of this particular scooter is 45 km/h.

 – The mileage of Hawk E scooter is 70 km.

 -This particular scooter takes approximately five hours in full charging.
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 -The average cost for the scooter comes out to be Rs.12 for 70 km.

 -The scooter also comes with an inbuilt music system which is a great reason why people prefer to purchase it.
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 -Scooter also has an antitheft lock which very well enhances the safety element associated with the electric scooters among the people.

 -The scooter also comes with a keyless entry which is a great status symbol as well as a trend among the people which becomes a reason to purchase it, especially for the youngsters.

 -The scooter also comes with cruise control which is another great feature which makes it very much popular among the people nowadays.

 -The motor power of the scooter is 1800 watts and the peak power of the scooter is 1900 watts.

 -The torque of the scooter is 44 NM

 The width of the scooter is 730 MM and the height of the scooter is 1130MM. The seat height is approximately 830 MM and the gross weight of the scooter comes out to be 128 kgs.

 -The best benefit associated with purchasing the scooter is that the battery type is maintenance-free and the battery is of 12 V.

 – The capacity of the battery is 28 AH.

 -The front brake is the disc-brake type and the rear brake is the drum brake type in the scooter and both the tires are tubeless.
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 -The rear suspension of the scooter is spring-loaded and the front suspension is telescopic

 -The loading capacity of the scooter is 150 kgs and the scooter also comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

 -The scooter comes with multiple colour options which include the Charcoal Black, intense read, trance mat blue, gravity grey and the mirage white.

 – The scooter includes a large storage space and also comes with adjustable brake levers.

 -The scooter has a digital meter which makes it very much popular among the people from all the age groups and it includes a mobile charger point as well.

 – The battery of the scooter is very much portable which is preferred by the people and is one of the main reasons it is preferred by people.

 Hence, in case any of the individuals wants to avail all the associated benefits with the modern way of transportation then they must decide to buy hawk electric scooter today itself.

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