What is the Difference Between Roadside Assistance and a Towing Service?

In case of an accident, it gives you confidence knowing that you have a professional service company you can call any time.
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There are two options that most people use: roadside assistance and towing. While it seems that they provide the same type of service, there are differences between them.


A towing service transports your car from one location to another, usually on the back of a tow truck with a flatbed. Towing applies to vehicles that cannot run. However, even if the car can run properly, you may need towing services.

For example, if a person is arrested or the police do not allow the driver to move the vehicle, a tow truck company can move the car.

When do you need towing services?

Some of the troubles your car might encounter can be fixed when you have a roadside assistance plan. At times, you need a mechanic to fix the car trouble. If you are in Florida and your car won’t run, get assistance from a¬†towing Boca Raton¬†company to safely remove your car and deliver it to a repair shop.

When you’ve just bought a new car, it needs to be towed since it is not legal to drive it until you have registered and insured the car.

Roadside assistance

When you need to get your car moving again, roadside assistance applies. You may need to jump start or replace your battery, replace flat tires, deliver fuel if you run out of gas, or assist you when you get locked out of your car. A roadside assistance package may also include towing services.

However, the services included in a roadside assistance package come with some limitations.

  • If you are stranded, the roadside assistance company will send a mechanic to inspect your car.
  • The towing service included in most roadside assistance packages may cover only a limited distance and charge you extra for additional miles. Often, the towing service involves extrication of your car just in case you get stuck in the snow, mud, soft sand, or a ditch. The towing service will only move your vehicle a short distance until it is all right for you to drive once again.
  • For battery service, the company may jump start your battery, but it will not supply battery replacement parts in case your battery fails to charge.
  • In case you have a flat tire, the company will send a mechanic to change the tire, using your spare tire. The company will not provide you with a replacement tire.
  • In case you run out of gas while on the road, the roadside assistance company will send a representative over with enough gas so you can drive to the nearest gas station.
  • When you are locked out of your car, the company will send a locksmith to help you open your car without breaking any window.

Depending on the age and condition of your car, choose the right option to ensure that you get your money’s worth for the type of services you need.
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