Send Money to India Online: Tips to Make Your Transfers Safer and More Convenient

Want to enhance the safety and convenience of your online transfers to India? The tips discussed in this post can help.

Most NRIs working in foreign countries have their families back in India. They regularly send funds to their families to help them manage their expenses. As compared to offline transfers, most NRIs now prefer online remittance for sending funds to their loved ones in India.

While online transfers are popular for their safety and convenience, you sure can take measures to enhance them further.

If online remittance is your preferred mode of fund transfer to India, here are a few tips that can help you make your transfers safer and convenient-

  1. Avoid Services That Are Too Good to Be True

It is recommended that one should stick to a reliable remittance service provider and not switch to other services regularly in search of better rates.

To attract more remitters, many new companies advertise exchange rates that are significantly higher than the industry average. Such services often have hidden charges that can make the transfers more expensive. If you want to switch to another remittance provider, compare the top options to get an idea of what kind of rates, features, and fees you should expect.
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  1. Avoid Using Cybercafes or Office Computer for Transfers

It is never a good idea to visit a cybercafe or even use your office computer for financial transactions like sending funds to India. There are now several tools and software solutions, such as keyloggers and password monitors that can track confidential account details.

These tools work very discreetly, and users unknowingly end up compromising their accounts. Therefore, it is better to use your computer for fund transfers to India. Most service providers now also have their mobile apps for on-the-go transfer flexibility.

  1. Set-Up Recurring Payments

Some of the remittance service providers allow you to set-up recurring fund transfers. For instance, if you send a fixed amount to your family in India every month, you can use the recurring payment facility to automate this process.

The facility allows you to select the amount and date on which you’d like to make the transfer every month. On the chosen date, the amount will be automatically debited from your bank account and will be sent to your recipient in India.

  1. Check the Exchange Rate Before Every Transfer

The remittance service providers adjust the exchange rate at regular intervals as per the forex markets. Higher exchange rates offer better value for your foreign currency when it is converted into INR.

You should always check the exchange rate offered by your service provider before you send money to India online so that you are fully aware of the exact amount your recipient will receive. Some of the service providers also offer tools like exchange rate calculator for enhanced convenience and transparency.

International Remittance to India Made Easy 

Online transfers come with a host of valuable benefits such as better exchange rates, low transfer fees, faster transfers, online tracking, and more. By using the remittance services of a top bank, you can also ensure that each of your transfers to India would reach your recipient safely.

Irrespective of whether you are new to online transfers or have been using it for some time, make a note of the tips discussed in this post as they can significantly improve the safety and convenience of your transfers.

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