Trade Shows And The Reason Behind Conducting Them

A Trade Show is basically an event that aims at bringing together members belonging to a particular industry in order for them to demonstrate, display and discuss their products and services.
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The major trade shows are held generally in convention centres and could be for many days whereas the local trade shows could be held at a local arena or hotel.

The main purpose of a trade show is to bring together members of a particular industry hence many of them allow only industry members to attend.
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Here is what happens at a trade show:

  • It provides exhibit space to people in order to portray their products and services
  • There are a lot of workshops and presentations to help others understand the products that the industry is exhibiting.
  • There are networking events to help to industry members better connect with one another.
  • Awards and presentations are also made for the best products and services.

Exhibitors aim to reinforce relationships and show the attendees the potential their products have. Their aim is to gather support and new clients as well as get hold of influencers and dealers for marketing.

Attendees come to such shows so that they can get hold of good products, understand the market and be better educated about the industry.

This is what exhibitors need in order to conduct a trade show:

  • A space to rent for booths
  • The production and design of a professional space
  • Shipping of equipments for display
  • Manning on the booth and travel and accommodation for the staff
  • Material for marketing that will be specific to the events
  • Promotional items and samples to be distributed

This is what it takes for attendees to attend the trade show:

  • The fee that maybe required for attendance
  • Accommodation and travel for the staff attending the show

This is why often smaller companies tend to come as attendees instead of conducting a trade show themselves.

Trade shows or trade fairs have originated from the Champagne fairs of the era of merchant capitalism. Trade fairs have been considered to become dynamic following the Industrial revolution.

A tradeshow booth is nothing but a display booth where the industries exhibit their trade and products. A boring trade show booth does not attract visitors and does not help with increasing sales hence one has to come up with interesting and new ideas to keep the visitors hooked to the booth and to increase sales.

The importance or trade shows are that:

  • They play an important role in marketing
  • They help in business networking and making the business grow
  • Trade shows also help in economic development of the people.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is one of the biggest technology conference and trade shows of the world held at Las Vegas Convention Centre in LA.

The CONEXPO -CONN AGG, MWC Barcelona, and Geneva International Motor Show are some of the biggest and most important trade shows. If you haven’t visited one for yourself make sure you take a tour of a trade show!

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