How to Make your WordPress Page Safe and Secure Without Using Plugins? Do it yourself!

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Attacks on the security of pages in WordPress happens daily and are just around the corner and, although it is true that the use of security plugins help to protect your website, they are counterproductive for your web server, overloading it and doing that the loading speed of your WordPress decreases.

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Surely you know that attacking the security of a page in WordPress is not a difficult thing, right?

Well, the greatest excuse for those who have a WordPress page, for not using security plugins and protecting their data and their users, has to do with the fact that these plugins consume many resources of the web server and affect the loading speed of the page. What a problem!

Both the security of your WordPress website and speeding up your WordPress are two very important aspects of a website, so what can you do?
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You don’t have to be against the sword and the wall! It’s possible to improve WordPress security without plugins, really!

There are other ways to shield your WordPress website and keep it safe, without slowing it down or loading your web server.

If you want to improve WordPress security with these useful tips you can get great results, while you can count on our WordPress page maintenance, updating and improvement services, within which we ensure that your website is a secure site and protected.

If you have some knowledge of how to keep your WordPress website safe, you know that the basic thing is to update the WordPress version regularly, keep the plugins and themes also updated and get rid of everything you don’t use.

These basic steps are clearly the starting point to avoid headaches, but it is not enough! Regretfully, if it were enough there were not so many reports of malware, phishing (identity theft), man-in-the-middle (hack), but it is the harsh reality that we must face.

How to forget about the security plugins in WordPress? Do you want to know how? In this article I tell you step by step so you can do it yourself!

Basic General Tips To Protect Your WordPress Without Plugins

Before starting to talk to you about basic techniques to protect a WordPress website without plugins. I want you to consider the more active users you have on the web.

The more codes you add and the more themes and plugins you install, the greater will be your chances of suffering an attack and being vulnerable.

But no, you do not have to go to the plugins, rather, with a little work you will be shielding your WordPress page and getting rid of the nosy ones. But let’s start with the first thing.

Always Keep Your WordPress Updated

Although many people are stressed by having to update WordPress, this is necessary. Each update brings changes and improvements for the security of the site. Therefore, ignoring such updates, or waiting too long to do them, is like putting a rope around your neck.

Keeping your WordPress updated is the start to improve web security.

What happens is that, although WordPress is the country of a thousand wonders, it has flaws in its security, which gives free rein to hackers and intruders.

To start improving your security without plugins in WordPress, every time you see the ‘update’ notification in your WordPress dashboard, do the update immediately. This is the beginning to make your website an impenetrable fortress for malicious people.

By the way, if you think that you might lose some information with the update, remember to make a backup of your files before, as I indicated in another article when I explained how to update WordPress.

Plugins And Themes Should Also Be Updated

The plugins (plugins) and themes (templates or themes) that are installed in WordPress are a small secret passage through which anyone can filter, and that is why it is necessary to keep them updated, to avoid information leakage or the entry of third parties.

Clean Your WordPress And Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

As I said at the beginning of the post, another measure to protect WordPress without plugins, is just to get rid of plugins and themes that you no longer use.

It’s not just about disabling plugins and themes, but removing them entirely!

Why have something installed that is useless? In addition, they are back doors to attack the security of your website.

Download Plugins And Themes Only From Trusted Sites

Downloading plugins and themes from untrusted sites could play tricks on you; do not give yourself this luxury no matter how attractive the theme may seem or more useful than that plugin may look.

The best thing is that you always go to the official plugin section of, because this way you avoid falling into unknown hands or using plugins and themes that are not safe.

Configure And Protect Your Web Server Directories

Setting up your web server directories is also essential to protect your WordPress without using plugins.

As a general rule, permissions should be  644 for files and 755 for folders. Avoid 777 permissions.

Also, specially configure the wp-config.
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php file with 600 permissions.

Change Your Username To The Panel “wp-admin”

By default, when installing WordPress the administrator username is always ‘admin’, but this makes the job easier for hackers.

Keeping your default username (“admin”) will only make the hacker have to guess your password and trust me, they are very clever at that!

Therefore, one of the things you should do after installing WordPress, is to change your username for a totally random one, combining letters with numbers, so intruders will not be able to guess it.

Change Your Access Password Frequently

Changing your password frequently helps protect your WordPress website without plugins.

Of course, try to create passwords that really work and have a certain level of difficulty. For example, passwords where letters and numbers are combined (alphanumeric) are usually the most effective and secure.

If your WordPress website has been hacked several times and you don’t know how to create efficient passwords, use a password generator to help you with this, such as Norton Password Generator.

Encourage Your Users To Use Strong Names And Passwords

Not only you have to protect your username and password from accessing the WordPress panel, but it is important that you make your users create completely secure usernames and passwords.

After all, not only you want to protect yourself, but your users are the main reason why your website should be secure, right? Then persuade them so that they, too, collaborate with WordPress web security and protect their own data.

Set Up A Two-Step Authentication System

A two-step authentication based security system is a big step to increase security and protect your WordPress without using plugins.

The double authentication consists of being asked for a second password to try to access, or you receive a code that is sent by SMS or email.

In this way, even if an intruder finds out your main password, they will not be able to access it because they will not receive or know that second password that the WordPress system is requesting.

There are very simple and lightweight plugins which will not load your web server or slow down your WordPress. To implement two-step authentication is very easy to install and use, such as Google Authenticator for example.

Schedule And Automate Backup Creation

Backup programs are very useful to make WordPress more secure, compared to what may happen, and there are very simple plugins with which you can schedule the creation of backups.

With the backups you guarantee that, if your website has been violated, you will be able to restore the previous version of WordPress, and nothing happens!

By having a backup, all your data and those of your customers will be safe and well protected.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup could be a perfect plugin for scheduled backups, it is also very light and will not overload your server or slow down the loading of your website.

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