Why Should SEOs care about VPN?

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Many of you must be thinking about what a VPN really is?

A virtual private network or VPN is a way to secure and protect the browsing activity of a system in a public network.
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For example, if you wish to access a website in India anonymously without anyone noticing, you use a VPN to hide your activities. There are multiple softwares available that allow users to use VPN in order to hide their tracts. If someone, for instance, wants to use torrent websites in a country where they are banned, using a VPN is a clear solution.

As SEOs, you must be thinking why this is important for you to know. Before explaining the direct benefits in digital marketing, there is a general point to be made regarding cybersecurity in general. We all know that internet privacy has now become a harder goal to achieve. Big tech companies have been exposed recently regarding their use of user data. In such a scenario, using VPNs is not a very outlandish idea for SEOs or anyone else for that matter.

Given that top digital marketing courses do not give much credence to cybersecurity, it becomes a subject in which marketers lack knowledge. In this article, we try and plug those gaps by explaining why SEOs must consider using a VPN.

Hiding Real IP

SEOs tend to work on the behalf of their clients and use their accounts as a result. While doing so, they are exposing the activities of their client’s account to any black hat hacker out there who might be crafty enough to try and steal important data.

This is where a VPN helps. Essentially, a VPN helps mask the real IP of a user.
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This means, even when SEOs are working on their client’s behalf, they can hide their tracks and protect the client’s data.

SEOs care about VPN

Seeing Global SERPs

Without a VPN, SEOs will see SERPs for the country or region they are working in. However, this will not work in case their client wants to target audiences in other parts of the world.

VPNs help in this regard. If you’re sitting in India and want to see how your client is performing in the UK, you can mask your Indian IP and make the browser think you are from the UK. Thus, every SERP displayed when the VPN is enabled will be based on a UK location.

Secure File Sharing

While working on SEO with your client and team, you will be sharing many sets of data and files which if exposed could significantly harm your SEO campaign. VPNs help secure this process and protect data from malicious hackers out there to steal information.

In Conclusion

SEO and VPN seem like two completely unrelated topics, and purely on a technical level, they are. Yet, there is a reason why SEOs should care about VPNs and consider using them in their practice.
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In this article, we discussed some interesting reasons why SEOs should consider using a VPN.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is one of the most respected custodians of the digital marketing space. His work in educating students in digital marketing has been celebrated and honored. Under his leadership, Eduburg has gone on the become one of the best institutes to take up a digital marketing course in Delhi.