Must have jewelry pieces for a modern Indian woman

Marilyn Monroe was right when she said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.
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There isn’t a woman, who doesn’t love her jewellery, be it her grandmother’s vintage pearl set or the diamond earrings she bought with her first salary. Indian women have a long standing love affair with their jewellery.
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Collecting jewellery to be passed on is a sort of ritual passed on from generations that is common across every culture. It starts young with a pair of earrings, then a pendant or a pair of bangles, there never is a phrase called “owning too much jewellery” when it comes to an Indian woman’s jewellery box. Be it your favourite “chaandbalis” or the chic diamond bracelet around your wrist, here are few must-have pieces every modern, Indian woman must own.

Diamond Pendant

There is nothing to beat the brilliance of diamonds. A chic diamond pendant is a must have in every woman’s jewel box. Be it a single solitaire pendant strung on a slim gold chain, a delicate floral designed pendant or a trendy tear-drop long one, a diamond pendant is your go-to jewellery piece for any outfit. From a cocktail gown to a silk sari you can pair various diamond pendant designs depending on the occasion. So make sure you know your cut, colour and clarity before you go shopping for one.

Ornate Traditional Earrings

There is something about traditional Indian jewellery designs that is simply stunning, whether you are wearing it or just looking at it. Be it a pair of Ruby and Pearl “chaand-balis” to intricate Gold “jhumkas” every Indian girl needs this little extra piece that always comes in handy. Be it your best friend’s wedding or your neighbours Diwali party there is always an occasion to bring out these beauties all year long.


Like Jackie Kennedy famously said “Pearls are always appropriate”. A simple string of pearls paired with a crisp White shirt or a vintage floral chiffon sari is one of the most elegant and graceful ensembles. For something more grand and dressier pick a pearl necklace strung with ‘kundan’ or uncut diamonds. Pearl chokers are a great statement piece that can be paired with most outfits. Pearls also come in different sizes and colours. Rice pearls strung on layered necklaces are another piece that never go out of style. If pearl necklaces are too stuffy for you then a pair of simple pearl studs are a perfect choice. Multi-layered pearl bracelets are also classic jewellery pieces that can be worn with any outfit


From a pair of classic Gold bangles to a brilliantly cut diamond cuff, bracelets always add that little extra something to your outfit. If you are someone who likes wearing something on your wrist on a regular basis then a classic gold cuff or a diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect choice. Traditional Indian cuffs or ‘Kadas’ are unmistakeable statement pieces that every girl should own. These statement pieces though perfect for occasions can also be worn with your regular kurta or jeans as well. Delicate charm bracelets are always in vogue, the charms can be customized and added, removed or swapped depending on your mood.
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Rings are among the most favourite jewellery pieces that any girl can own. Be it a well-designed, simple gold ring or ornately designed cocktail rings, there’s no dearth to the kind of designs you can wear on your fingers. You can invest in a set of classic, stackable diamond rings that can be worn as separates on a daily basis, one on each finger if you feel like it or stacked as a set on one finger when the occasion calls for it. We love over the top cocktail rings that really add an element of style to any outfit. But among all, a classic princess cut baguette diamond ring with clusters around it or the brilliance of a single, sparkling solitaire diamond is unparallelled.