It Takes More Than a Dream: Tips to Start a Successful Superfoods Company

The term “superfoods” was once just a marketing buzzword used to describe nutrient-dense foods. Now, superfoods are an industry of their own worth over 180 billion dollars domestically.

If that massive figure sounds enticing to you as an entrepreneur, you’re not alone. More people are pouring into the superfoods market hoping to cash in on the gold rush. Only those that establish a superfoods company with sound foundational/marketing pillars though will truly find success.

What does it mean to have a strong foundation in superfoods? What should you do to maximize your marketing efforts?

If this post, we answer those questions to help you get your superfoods company off the ground and find success in an impacted market.

Start With Passion

Superfoods are a complicated subject that is science-driven. That science needs to be assessed by entrepreneurs so they can properly target types of foods, customers, and health issues.

Unless you’re incredibly scientifically-minded, you need to prepare yourself to do a lot of legwork to be able to sift through all of the information you’ll need to manage at the start of your superfoods education. The process will be a lot easier if you’re truly passionate about food and its relationship to your body’s health.

If you’re getting into superfoods just to make a quick dollar, there are easier ways to do that. Success in superfoods requires passion as fuel to push through the steep education curve this topic presents.

Make sure you have that before you dive into this niche.

Gain Credibility

The more credible the person selling superfoods is, the more likely people will be to trust a company’s claims and buy products. Therefore, one of your first goals when breaking into superfoods should be to gain credibility.

This can be done by pouring over superfoods research to extend your fluency on the topic. This can also be accomplished via getting a nutrition degree, a degree in dietary science, or chemistry.

Acai bowl with blackberry, blueberry, coconut and pumpkin seeds

Craft a Business Plan

Now that you’ve built respectable knowledge around superfoods and have the credentials/conversational fluency to prove your knowledge, it’s time to start getting down to business.

How is it that you plan on making money in superfoods?
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Are you selling products or services? What will those products/services be priced at? Who’s going to buy them?

All of those questions and more should be answered in a detailed business plan.

Business plans are great because they serve as a guiding light on how to steer your business before, during, and post launches. They can also be instrumental if you need to raise money to get your company off the ground.

Know Your Customer

The number one rule in marketing is to know who you’re selling to. Without knowing who you’re selling your superfoods products/services to, you can’t truly know what they want.

Discerning who buys superfoods is a process that can be started by reading market reports done by any number of data firms. From there, you can start doing testing of your own as you slowly start piling on sales to see if patterns emerge in the types of customers you’re able to attract.
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As your model customer becomes more clear, start targeting more of your marketing efforts at them so you can dive deeper into the clientele that is showing the most promise.


No matter what kind of business you’re launching, networking with other professionals in your industry and adjacent industries can skyrocket your company’s success. Starting a superfoods company isn’t an exception to that rule.

As a superfoods products/service provider, you might want to connect with local growers that you can partner with to supply ingredients for products you make. As a service provider, you may want to sync with health gurus to give seminars to your customers or tout your product’s efficacy.

The more people you know, the more mobility you’ll have to make better products and sell them more effectively.

Do Something Others Aren’t

We mentioned at the top of this post that the superfoods industry is impacted. Given that fact, any time you’re selling an eBook on nutrition, red superfood powder, or other established products, you’re going to run into stiff competition.

So, ask yourself, “What can I do that others aren’t?”

Finding an answer to that question is easier said than done but by finding a product/service niche (say, superfoods deserts) you’ll be able to build a name for yourself more quickly and find heightened success that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Sell the Science

People aren’t dumb. They want to know how your superfoods products are going to positively impact their lives and they want proof. The best way to prove superfoods claims is to give people a peek into the science that drives your business.

Science is a topic that a lot of superfoods sellers shy away from. They worry that it’ll overwhelm customers. That’s not the case!

By sharing top-line research in your marketing materials, you’ll give buyers a sense of security that you’re not building your business on bogus claims, something that is all too common in health marketplaces.

Be Wary of Legal Requirements As You Grow

When you’re a small superfoods company, you won’t get much attention from regulators. As your company grows though, the spotlight on you will get brighter.

As that happens, be sure you’re complying with FDA guidelines.

Talk to an attorney and research on your own what you should and shouldn’t do when marketing superfoods. Marketing tactics that violate FDA guidelines can result in fines that could destroy your business.

A Superfoods Company Can Be a Super Generator of Profits

Your superfoods company armed with the right products and marketing savvy can be a super generator of profits. It can also be a black hole investment that bankrupts you.

We hope our tips help you achieve the former result!

If you’d like more guidance on how to build your dream business, we invite you to explore more content in our blog.

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