Best Ways to Strains and Grow Cannabis

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Lighting is a critical factor in cannabis cultivation. For the indoor breeder, artificial light poses many challenges. On this blog, buy grow kits in Canada we will help you position real growing lamps at the right distance from the canopy, without cooking your marijuana


Modern indoor cannabis cultivation usually involves at least one of three artificial light sources: HID, CFL, and LED. Often, growers use a combination of cultivated lamps.
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Of course, there are other, outdated lighting technologies, but they are all “Betamax” lamps. We strive for practical tips for growing rooms without relying on pseudo-scientific statistics.
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HID or high intensity lamps have been the growing light of choice for all types of indoor breeders from beginners to professionals since the early 1990s at least. Over the years, lamps have become more efficient, ballasts have become digital, and spotlights have become larger and better. Growers who prefer HID are big believers that lumens are the only output statistic that matters when it comes to light.

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Of course, the CMH or ceramic metal-halide came on the scene and the 315W CMH bulb is an impressive but rather expensive upgrade for a standard MH or metal-halogen lamp. Moreover, the 315W CMH is not as high as a high quality dual spectral / agro 600W HPS or high pressure sodium lamp. Similarly, CFL shows something promising, but always leads a distant second to a tried and trusted HID.

LED or light emitting diode is an upcoming technology that will end with the rule of HID for cannabis cultivation. The latest generation of LED systems is now able to produce comparable, and in some cases top-quality marijuana than the average HID set-up. PAR or photo synthetically active radiation is a metric that LED fanatics consider most important.

It is best not to be too obsessed with different new measures of light and modified light spectra. Simplify. Consider light in terms of watts and electricity bills. The next question is: “How much energy consumption?” After that, “How much heat will the lamp produce and how much light will it emit?”

Lights Distance Indoor Cannabis Grow room


In the usual decent terms, HID got some new bells and whistles, but the basic principles of growing cannabis with this type of artificial light remain the same. MH for vegetative growth and HPS for flowering. Although dual spectrum HPS lamps are a popular alternative and probably even better for auto flowering strains.

Bulbs 400W and 600W are most suitable for growing cannabis indoors. The lights must be hung high. The optimal light height or OLH is between 30-50 cm above the canopy of the plant. This means carefully attaching the spotlight to the ceiling or roof of the growing tent with either light hangers or ropes.

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