Exploring Granny Flat Accessibility

Here in Melbourne there are a large number of property builders who specialize in custom making Granny flats and the options which they are able to offer are incredible. If we are lucky we will all reach a ripe old age and when we do it is likely that we are going to slow down a great deal and need some extra support in our lives to help us get the most out of every day. The Granny flats Melbourne companies are able to offer do exactly that and they offer a range of options which customers enjoy very much. Those with mobility issues have a wide range of accessibility options available to them, and here are just a handful of examples.


Wheelchair users need access to get into the property and that is why ramps are a key part of custom designed Granny flats. It is not just the homeowner who may need this of course, any friends of the homeowner can also enjoy this accessibility option for the front and the back of the house.


 Bathroom Options

As mobility begins to decline one of the toughest things for any person can be bathing themselves, particularly if that involves getting into a deep bathtub or a tight shower unit. Customizable Granny flats however offer the option of a bathroom with easy access bathtubs, railings across the wall and large wet rooms with seats to make bathing very simple.

Wide Doorways

Wide doorways help for people who are in wheelchairs and those who perhaps need a stick or a frame to get around the home. This is yet another example of the tweaks which can easily be made to these properties to help those who live there to not only get around easier but also to avoid injury. Wide doorways can be easily added to the design of the Granny flat upon request.

Kitchen Tweaks 

The kitchen is of course the nucleus of the home and it is where we prepare and eat meals, as well as socializing with friends and family. When it comes to home builders, Melbourne companies know all about the need of having a fully accessible kitchen, given that most in the city are very much foodies. What Granny flat builders will be able to do here is add rails across the walls and also lower the worktops to make for easier access and preparation. This is a small tweak which really does make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Voice Activation

Switching off lights, closing doors and opening or closing curtains all requires energy and movement which can prove to be difficult for many. It is for this reason that home builders will also be able to install voice activation technology which allows the homeowner to do all of these tasks without having to move a muscle. The software will learn the voice of the person living there and then they can simply talk when they would like to open the curtains, close the door or switch on the lights.

All of these features can easily be added into a Granny flat to ensure every accessibility issue is resolved before somebody moves in.