Functional Laundry Design Tips

The laundry room in your home is arguably one of the most functional and because of that we very rarely invest much time, effort or money into making that room of the house look particularly good. Indeed you may very well be thinking of what your laundry room is looking like right now and be thinking to yourself ‘what is the point’? There is however a great deal that you can do with this space that will ensure that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the point is that this provides you with another area of the house to add some design to, and give the room some real character. Then here are some design ideas which you could look at for your laundry room, which are both stylish and practical.

Pegboard Wall

We very often lose the space which we have above the laundry trough because shelves will get in the way of using the trough and there is usually little room there for cupboard space. The perfect solution to your woes is to add a funky pegboard wall above the sink, which can be used for storage and hanging the items which you use most. Mops, brooms, brushes and dustpans can be easily hung from the wall, adding a storage solution and an element of style to the space.

Kitchen Run Through

Laundry rooms are more often than not attached to the kitchen and instead of treating this like a separate room, why not run the kitchen decor right the way through? For an even cooler and seamless look you can simply take the pattern from the kitchen and add some details which use that pattern in the laundry room itself, almost as a tribute to the kitchen style.
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Labelled Storage

Most people use the laundry room to store linen, bedding and cleaning equipment and this all looks really cool when you have everything labeled up. Matching wicker boxes with a small chalkboard sign that details what is inside looks super organized, gives you easy access to everything that you need and most importantly, it is going to look great!
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You may think that this is the last place in the world that you are going to put plants, especially given that so few people will ever see this space, but that is not a reason to ignore the chance to bring some extra touches of nature into the home. Plants represent freshness and cleanliness and that is exactly the kind of vibe you should be going for in the laundry room.
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Remember just how powerful the small details can be, in the laundry room there are touches which you can add like cupboard and door handles, laundry taps, light switches and hanging rails which are going to really help to add some style to the room. Don’t overlook these details as they provide you with a chance to really bring a touch of class to your laundry area.


Instead of having a big bottle of detergent and another fabric conditioner on show, invest in some sleek looking jars which you can decant them into, giving the laundry room a much cleaner feel to it.

Don’t let this room become forgotten, it can be practical and stylish in equal measure.

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