How to Reduce Split System Installation Cost

Something which is important to bear in mind when it comes to buying a new split system air conditioner, beyond the cost of the unit itself, is the additional costs of installation which comes with your purchase. Prices of installation can vary a great deal and they are based upon a number of factors such as what ductwork is required and how your home is designed, how long it will take the installers to complete the work, and even which time of year you are having the unit installed. Of course if you want AC in your home then air conditioning installation is part of the deal, but that is not to say that you have to accept the first price you find. There are in fact some tips which you can use to reduce the cost of the installation, and here are a few ways to go about it. 


Just like when buying any other products you can always find a range of discounts to take advantage of when it comes to air con installation. During busy seasons installers know that they have to do something a little different to bring in custom which is why they will often have discounts on offer which can help you to save. Also keep an eye out for coupon websites as you may also find that you can get a percentage discount at certain AC installers.
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Free Installation Add-On 

When you are assessing the price of the AC unit which you want to buy, keep in mind that the price may very well have the installation cost factored in. In terms of an air conditioner split system units are more commonly found to have a single price for purchase and installation. The reason for this is that  in the case of say a ducted system, the installation price ranges wildly making it hard to offer a single price. 

Choosing YourTimes 

The job of an air conditioning installer is very much seasonal and as you can well imagine it is only when the weather begins to really heat up that people are made more aware of the need for AC, or upgrading their AC. If you are able to get ahead of the curve however and get your split system purchased during the cooler months, you may very well be able to count on a reduced cost for your installation. Companies and independent installers know that they have to do something during these slower months which is why they will offer a far better rate to you if you choose this time to have your split system installed. An additional benefit which you can count on when doing this is wider flexibility because there is a significantly lower level of demand for their services.

Rebates and Credits 

Local governments are very keen on increasing the use of highly energy efficient products and in order to incentivize this there are many who offer rebates and credits which can help you save money on both the cost of the AC unit and the installation. Before buying, check out what stance your local authority takes on this and whether or not you could be eligible for such a program.

These are the best ways in which you can save on the cost of your split system installation.