Make Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration for Accessing Schemes

Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration

The government of Rajasthan launched the Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration Portal in 2013, which meant to deliver Government to Government service, Government to Citizen Service, and Government to Business service to the peoples of Rajasthan.

Inside a single portal, the Government is now presenting about 337 facilities to the persons of Rajasthan. All national peoples can as fast list to the SSO Rajasthan to entree all the facilities providing by the Rajasthan Government.

The Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration Portal is an outstanding initiative by the Rajasthan Government, and it has chosen up stride in current periods. In this digital time, it is becoming compulsory to complete service online. Further down the SSO Rajasthan Portal, all the government’s facilities can be read in a single window. No individual can the resident admittance the schemes nevertheless similarly, they can register their own for further schemes.

Rajasthan SSO ID Portal Outline:

Rajasthan SSO portal which is similarly recognized as E-Mitra SSO commenced in December 2013 by the CM of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot. The portal is advanced and accomplished by the Raj IT Branch. The key objective of this portal is to deliver Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Public (G2P) services.

Eligibility Conditions for Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration:

The key eligibility condition for the persons is the candidate essential to be a permanent residencia of the state Rajasthan. If you are an enduring inhabitant of the state Rajasthan, then you can generate the SSO Rajasthan ID and benefit over 40 services online.

All residents of the Rajasthan State, such as Government staffs, Private workers, business persons, average residents, are entitled to the SSO ID if they permit the above eligibility conditions.

MSME trades, large scale businesses, administrations, start-ups likewise can put on for the SSO ID through Udyog Aadhar.

Important documents mandatory for Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration:

For peoples of the state of Rajasthan, the ensuing documents are essential:

1. Residential proof

2. Bhamashah card

3. Aadhar Card

4. Jan Aadhar Card

For Manufacturing companies working in the state of Rajasthan, the ensuing documents are essential:

1. Business Register Number (BRN)

2. Udyog Aadhar Number

For Government Staffs of Rajasthan state, the ensuing documents are essential:

1. SIPF Number (SIPF)

Below mentioned are the essential documents to generate the SSO ID. Rajasthan State residents can simply apply for the SSO ID through these documents.

Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration

Benefits of SSO Rajasthan ID:

1. SSO Rajasthan Portal is upfront to admission, and you can entree over 40 services since a single window, which would be time-saving. Residents don’t have to visit any government bureau for any help. I think it is a vital advantage of the Rajasthan SSO Portal.

2. SSO identification provides you admission to the Employ. You can spread over for existing Government Jobs over the Employment service.

3. You can pay water, phone, electricity, and landline bill payments fast through this gateway.

4. You can practice the ordinal symbol by retrieving the Raj e-Sign service provided by the portal.

5. Pupils can spread over for online entrance in the University or colleges throughout this portal.

6. In this lockdown condition, persons can use the EPASS & E-BAZAAR facilities over this portal.

7. SSO permit similarly assistances to spread over for online facilities such as Bhamashah, Scholarship, Business registration, Aadhar Card.

Even you can check the aspect slope of facilities under:

The slope of services provided by the Rajasthan SSO Portal:

1. E-pass


3. Panchayat

4. Raj Mail

5. Raj Mandi

6. Raj e-Sign

7. Raj e-Vault

8. Scholarship

9. Anuj Nigam

10. Arms License

11. Drug License

12. Employment

13. e-Bazaar COVID 19

14. Business Registration

15. Building Plan Approval

Here are over 40 facilities that you could benefit from by accessing the Rajasthan SSO portal. You may also check completely services in the picture under. India is under lockdown owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, herein lockdown, you spread over for EPASS for alternative facilities from SSO Portal. Peoples can communicate the homegrown grocery stockpile by using the E-Bazaar COVID-19 Facility, which is very accommodating in this countrywide lockdown state.

Rajasthan SSO ID Online Registration FAQs:

What Is SSO Rajasthan? 

Rajasthan SSO is an online portal to deliver Government-to-Government & Government-to-Public services to residents of Rajasthan. Subsequently effectively registering on this portal scholars and residents of Rajasthan state can benefit over the 40 government facilities.

Who Is Operating SSO Rajasthan Portal? 

The Division of IT&C Rajasthan is upholding

How to Modify Personal Details on SSO Authorized Portal? 

When you need to make changes your details just log in on the portal and modify your details.

 Is The Only Certified Portal to Generate SSO Registration, Login ID? 

Yes, is the only authorized portal to make SSO ID. The link basis of SSO ID Rajasthan Registration 2020 sign-in through Customer Overhaul Number – Reapraj and thanks for reading this post.