The Full Picture – The Significance of Online Anonymity

When difficult times strike or our personalities start to get unwanted attention, we wish that nobody would’ve known our existence, to begin with. Although more people enjoy announcing their identities online to get credit for it, some intellectual individuals take to anonymity to protect themselves and the people around them.

While there is quite a controversy and doubt on the actions of a person that remains anonymous online, there are many benefits of being a John Doe. Let’s see a few:

Discuss Important Issues

These days people get trolled for every small thing they discuss in the current period. Any delicate issue discussed, even in the most humble of words, can get you a bad name. A slight slip of words can get you jumbled in a never-ending misunderstanding online. However, If you are to discuss matters without your real name, you can actually get the terms through. Provide your voice and essential opinion on things that need talking about and reasoning to benefit the world.

Disclose Personal Matters

Opening up on the internet in front of a broad audience consisting of many backstabbers, critiques, and just a few sympathizers can be quite a gamble. If the case is sensitive and involves your weaknesses or vulnerabilities, there is more chance that you will experience backlash for it than sympathy. This is just how the world of the internet works. And instead of trying to change it, you can take a different road of anonymity. It can give you honest opinions and help you contact people that truly care about you.
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Wipe Out Fear

With anonymity, you can practice confidence on the internet. It is essential to voice out your thoughts and concerns if you feel alarmed by the substantial critiques on the other side of the internet. It can provide you the courage to speak up and rehearse the speeches that you can offer sometime in the future to a real audience in person. People that know you and your personality, especially your bullies, will not be able to recognize it’s you and restrain from putting you down while disclosing their true self.

Come Out of the Closet

A few years ago, a big tide of people embarrassing their real sexual interests came out through social media, and now there is more awareness for protecting the rights of these minor groups of people. Even if there is more acceptance towards these individuals, a distraught bunch can’t seem to accept them and still seeks to target them and point them out. Various people that decide to come out of the closet tend to become the target of abuse and embarrassment on an online platform. To avoid such an unfortunate happening, anonymous concentrated groups on the internet provide support in going through changes and adapting to society being the new you.

Shun Online Harassment

Throwing light on stern matters of society is every citizen’s duty to help the people and nation to progress. But often, if you are to discuss or open up about the affairs of conduct of a firm or a prominent citizen online, you get punished for it in the form of online harassment. And this practice can be avoided by taking to the net anonymously.
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You can fulfill your duty of educating people about important things going on in the world and prevent aggravation.

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