Things to do to catch up with friends and yourself

A pause in your happening and flourishing life, flushed by the unexpected turn of events of the year, don’t let the time get to you and zap the fun out of your lives.
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Living in Pune, you’re already missing out on the fascinating lifestyle but don’t give up on the hip and trendy experiences you were living, it’s time to bring your game back on and put your zappy shoes on again. While there is a much-awaited festive season right around the corner, this year don’t let even a night go by. Takedown all moments and have a bang-on celebration with some classic ideas we have narrowed for you:

  • Cake on the table

A congratulatory cake has to be cut for all the hard times you lived through successfully by ordering online cake delivery in Pune. A scrumptious red velvet treat, or choco chips, butterscotch or a themed one, as creamy and decadent as you may like.

  • Ice Cream on the bed

Sticking to the idea of pleasing and applauding yourself on everything you’ve been through with excellence, a silent night with friends with ice cream tubs in hand already sounds like an idea one can die for.

  • Netflix and chill

A very very popular, undeniably trendy idea of not just the millennial but the older age as well is to Netflix and chill. You may wonder as to what you’ve been doing so far but this time enjoy the special streaming time with your friends which makes it doubly extravagant.

  • Mini gift spree

Have an impressive mini gift spree for no good reason but still a classic one, it’s for you to reunite with your distanced friends and reignite the spark you had amongst your friend circle. As a gesture of love and rebonding, get customized cute bands or pedants, t-shirts or mugs and live the moment.

  • Shopping for yourself

Have some unapologetic me time while you outrageously shop your favourite things binging on your favourite episode and gorging on your favourite chips. Shop for dresses to rock, accessories to slay and boots to fill the wardrobe with trends.

  • Night stay with the girls

Being in long-distance relationships is one thing and whole another to not stay in touch with your girlfriends more like your soulmates. Sharing the crisp hot news and the soft hearty messages over a bowl of popcorn and movie is the new best medicine.

  • Pyjama party

Popularly positioned as the new favourite attire for everybody are pyjamas and have certainly taken the place of the comfort pillows. Habitual to the cosy and warm idea of a pyjama, it will be fun to another level. Party with everyone not dressed but chilled in their pyjamas and filling up on food.

  • Mini trip to the mountains

Staring at your ceiling and talking to your walls, you deserve an outing to the open sky and breezy winds. Gift yourself a trip closer to nature along with your loved ones and gain back the sanity and pleasantness you witnessed in your lives.

  • Meeting in person

Had it enough over video calls and online meets, get out of the reel world and get mixed with the real world. Embrace the happiness of meeting people in person, cherishing the smiley faces, the art of expressing through words and not emojis.

  • Stuffin on the street food

A major missing, the very upsetting lag of street food for our lives has left a deep void. It’s time to fill the vacuum over and beyond compensatory to everything you missed in the past few months. Gorge on golgappas, noodles, momos, jalebis, tikka and what not. Go crazy.

  • The popular reunions

The term early coined about long lost catch-ups with old friends and colleagues has not come into acquaintance with even the besties of our lives. Plan reunions with all the shining stars of your life you have incessantly missed in your life all this time

All filled with ideas to make for the golden and crucial time we summoned to the uncertain times. Do remember to begin your journey with something sweet, and what more than a cake can do the trick.
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