Visas For Partners And Family

Visas For Partners And Family

Visas are issued the world over as temporary residence permits to Travelers who want to enter and visit foreign countries. But the problem is, not all would-be Tourists are let in. Certain categories of intending Visitors are carefully weeded out and barred from entering these countries. The two main classes of intending entrants barred are Family Groups and Partners. The basic reasons are the same. Certain countries do not seem to have kept pace with the times. Situations like Couples who are Live-in Partners but not formally Married, Prospective Brides, Same Sex Couples, and children above a certain age, are not welcome to these countries. A typical example is Australia; another is its neighbor, New Zealand. Of course, nothing is impossible in Law, and foreign relations are involved. So, a certain class of Specialists has emerged, who have been very successful in obtaining Visas for the affected visitors. Family and partner visa specialists have found loopholes in the Law which allows these Visas.

Family Visas

Some applicants are children aged 23 and above, and who are not in any way physically handicapped. For these children to be qualified for Visas, dependency on parents must be proven. In other words, under Family Visas onshore, children aged 23 and more cannot qualify provided that they show that the child is still a dependent upon the Parent. Also, it is important to show that the child does not have any partner, spouse or engaged to be married. They must also show that they have been substantially or partly dependant on their parents for basic needs such as, Shelter, Food and Clothing. Of course, this period must be over 12 months. Each case is unique, and non-referential. This Visa is also called Family Migration Visa.

Family and partner visa-


Partner Visas

‘Partners’ is a modern concept of marriage without formalities and not bound by any social conventions or legal requirements. This is also known as a Live-in Relationship. Partner Visas also apply to De-facto marriages, where the couple has lived together for so long that they are deemed to be married. Same Sex relationships are also included under these types of Visas.

Specialized Visas Handled

Family and partner visa specialists handle several more categories of Visas apart from Family and Partner Visas. Some of them are, for example, Child Visas, Orphan Relative Visas, Adoption Visas, Prospective Marriage Visas (for Fiancés, Brides and Grooms) and Visas for appearance in Judicial Court Cases and Administrative Appeals Tribunal. These Specialists and their Firms have expertise in all these types of Visas, and often understand International Travel Laws as well as the country of the Applicant. It is a general observation that these Specialists are needed for the countries that are termed Advanced Countries.