10 Special Ideas for Personalized Gifts for Him, Her, or Anyone

Did you know that the gift card market is worth over $278 billion? Looking for something a little more personal?

There’s no denying that we love to shower our loved ones with presents! From birthday cakes to gorgeously wrapped trinkets, there’s nothing quite like gift-giving to show you care.

But when all the presents have already been thought of, how do you give something special? This is where you have to get personal.

Take a look at our ideas for personalized gifts that will make sure your present stands out from the crowd.

1. Family Portrait

Whether you’re looking for a personalized gift for a family occasion, such as the arrival of a new baby, or want to find a present for a family-centered friend, this family portrait is ideal! The portrait is made up of cute graphic drawings of each family that you can personalize.

From adding a big old beard onto dad to choosing the color of your niece’s favorite dress, you can make sure everyone knows who they’re looking at.

Finish it off with their family name, which is printed in an adorable handwritten font. Don’t forget to add pets if your loved one has any fur babies!

2. Morning and Night Notebook

One of the great things about personalized gifts is that you can tailor them to your loved one’s interests. These morning and night notebooks are great for the budding writer or thoughtful philosopher in your life. In two gorgeous day and night sky designs on either side, they’re a really delightful gift!

Add the recipient’s initials to the notebooks for a sophisticated, fun touch. Finish the set off with a fancy pen for a winning present.

3. Personalized Post-It Notes

Celebrate the launch of your friend’s new business or get the ideal gift for your hardworking partner with these personalized post-it notes. These are great for the person who has it all and loves their job, and can please even the hardest people to buy for!

Choose the color of the sticky note, the ink color, and add the artwork for their business. These are also great for new students! Practical but thoughtful, it’s a gift that will win the hearts of the professionals in your life.

4. Hilarious Socks

If you’re looking for funny personalized gifts for him, look no further than these amazing socks. The idea is that you upload a picture of the special man in your life and the socks are decorated with his face, creating a hilarious pattern that’ll be sure to get some laughs! You canĀ even have them packed in a super funky gift box making fun present giving easier than ever!

5. Cute Casserole Dish

Have you got a foodie in your life and you don’t know what to buy them? Dilemma over! This personalized ceramic casserole dish is a definite winner for anyone who loves to cook up tasty dishes.

Add your own sentence to the dish with any message at all and choose from a range of gorgeous colors. Here are some phrases you could put on for inspiration:

  • Nana’s world-class casserole
  • Dad’s dishes made with love
  • Joe’s secret recipe
  • Claire’s unbeatable bakes

Let your imagination run wild and give them a gift they’ll treasure forever.

6. Comfy Kimono Robe

If you’re on the hunt for personalized gifts for her, this cozy robe is an absolute dream. In the style of a kimono but made out of a super comfortable waffle material, it’s ideal for the lady who loves to relax in luxury! Choose from a range of colors and add their name or a monogram of their initials to the robe for that super special touch.

7. Imaginary Shop Banner for Kids

It’s important to encourage the imagination of little ones, and if you’re on the hunt for personalized gifts for kids this will definitely help them to dream! The imaginary shop banner creates the perfect background to their pretend shop, making for plenty of fun afternoons! It comes in the most gorgeous design that’s ready for your little ones to color in and has their names written above the shop window.

8. Snazzy Sequin Cushion

Sequin cushions are perfect for the stylish, quirky man or woman in your life. But this personalized cushion takes it to the next level! Brush a layer of sequins in the other direction to reveal your own photo printed on the fabric beneath.

From Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day, this is a great way to show someone you love them. It’s also not obviously personalized, which is ideal if you don’t want to go over the top or be too cheesy!

9. Wedding World Map

If you want to show a couple just how much you love them in a pretty unique way, it doesn’t get better than this wedding world map. A beautiful scroll at the bottom of the map can be personalized with the names of the couple along with the date they got together or got married. The idea is that they can track their travels together on the gorgeous vintage map, pinpointing destinations they’ve been throughout their lives.

10. Birth Flower Necklace

For a personalized gift that isn’t cheesy at all, take a look at this elegant birth flower necklace. The subtle personalization comes from picking out the flower for the month they’re born, which is then encased and hung on a sterling silver necklace. Thoughtful and beautiful, this is a wonderful gift for any lady in your life!

Choose From These Ideas for Personalized Gifts

These ideas for personalized gifts should give you plenty of inspiration for your own presents! Whether you’re buying for a mom, dad, husband, or child, say what you feel with a personalized gift.

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