5 Underrated Ingredients for Skincare

People are often particular about their skincare methods, so they are picky with the products they choose for their nightly routine. Since the skin is what others see most visibly, you might feel conscious whenever you have acne all over your face. The bumps and dry patches on your body might also affect your confidence, making it challenging to perform your daily activities.

If you start to feel self-conscious, you have to learn to accept that your skin might have some flaws. However, it does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. You might come across a few familiar products that your friend might recommend for skincare, but these underrated ingredients can be helpful in your quest for smoother skin.

Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage that can provide a lot of benefits to your health and wellness. It does not stop there. Epigallocatechin gallate, also known as EGCG, is an active compound of the plant and a beneficial ingredient for your skincare routine. When isolated, EGCG can provide your skin with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent swelling and other skin conditions.

It can also prevent skin cancer as it effectively attacks melanoma, making it a crucial ingredient in sunscreens. Because of the skin repairing qualities of EGCG, it is receiving a lot of attention in skincare routines. Green tea also contains lotus seed extract, which is a famous skin-aging prevention agent in cosmetic products.


Your skin will require repairing solutions that can also serve as treatment. Fortunately, you can come across beta-glucans, often dubbed as a miracle ingredient when it comes to skincare. A lot of people suffer from eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions because of certain situations.

Despite your many skincare products, you might find it challenging to handle your problems in a way that is similar to receiving treatment.
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Beta-glucans can provide you with a solution that can also eliminate your issues with dry or irritated skin. Using skincare products to act as temporary covers to your dermal health issues will be a nuisance, which is why you should pick an ingredient that can provide treatment in the same way the beta-glucans can.


Often known as a snack or an alternative breakfast treat, the oatmeal rarely finds itself in discussions about skincare ingredients. It contains beta-glucans and starches, which can help get rid of rashes and eczema. Oatmeal also has avenanthramides, which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant chemical.

You can come up with a home remedy by grinding oatmeal into powdered perform. Mix it with water until it starts to take a paste-like form. If you want to avoid making an effort, you can try to find skincare products that contain the ingredient to help you observe the positive results to your skin by yourself.

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica is an ancient herb found in Asia. Although used in the food industry, it manages to find itself in skincare after the shocking discovery of wound-healing properties. The botanical extract can cure irritated and dry skin. It can also improve skin cell metabolism, which allows your wounds to heal quicker than usual.

The healing and repairing properties are enough to convince cosmetic brands to take chances in the underrated ingredient. Centella Asiatica contains a combination of phytochemicals, fatty acids, amino acids, and beta carotene.
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Those chemicals are already existing in cosmetic products, but not in the form provided by the rare ingredient.


The world is starting to learn more about cannabidiol, an extracted component of the tabooed cannabis plant. Separated from the THC content that gives users a “high” feeling, CBD is starting to find itself in multiple products for different medicine sectors. Some people use it to treat anxiety and epilepsy, but it also contains benefits for the skin.
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You can buy CBD oil to help you get rid of skin problems like wrinkles and acne.

Try to remember that CBD alone might not be able to solve your issues. You can mix it with other oils like coconut oil and olive oil to reap its benefits. Hemp seed oil can also provide you with a skincare solution, but it might not be as effective as cannabidiol itself.

Maintaining your skin’s health and appearance can provide a lot of benefits for your confidence and health. You might find some skincare products with harmful ingredients, making it necessary to switch to these underrated compounds.

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