DOT Drug Testing For Employees And Why It Is Performed

We cannot deny the fact that most accidents that happen on the road is becauseof the driver’s lack of discipline and qualifications, which means that their employers did not conduct a thorough screening of their employees. These individuals include taxi, bus, and truck drivers, train engineers, subway operators, pipeline controllers, and other personnel to name a few.  Though for other occurrences the ones at fault are on the other side where the owners of the private vehicles are driving and in control while intoxicated or not in the right condition.

It could have been great if every employee under this field of expertise would perform drug testing for DOT with or without records of drug or alcohol abuse to make sure that they can perform their jobs better.Let’s say that the company where they are working for would require them such screening to keep the working environment safer because this is not just for the reputation of the company, but also for their services. So, if you would like to keep your jobs, you will have to perform the DOT testing.

Most of the time, failure to conform with this company policy will lead to suspicions and the employee is often suspended or terminated, which is fair to the co-workers who followed the rule. In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about this test, especially when you know that you are clean and there won’t be traces of prohibited drugs in your body while alcohol can be controlled as long as you will discipline yourself. Keep in mind that this type of screening is even discussed when you were still applying for a job, so you should have prepared for it.
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The Department of Transportation or DOT is encouraging certain professions to undergo a screening for alcohol and drugs which is not just required by the employers because it is also a federal law of the United States. You can read about this law under the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 where those who are in the field of transportation, such as railroad, trucking, and aviation must go for the said test.

This means that every DOT companies must follow the regulation in processing the employment – read from to learn some of their responsibilities. It is a requirement given even before accepting your duties and responsibilities as an employee, when accidents occur, violating alcohol or drug-related laws, and when you are returning to duty after years of absence.

It is very important for the DOT experts to be accurate and efficient because impairments or failures may lead to a substantial risk to the public’s safety, especially when it comes to the road and other motor vehicles.  Let’s say that this is just one of the ways to eliminate human errors while on the road. They have skills to use and this will be protected as well because accidents may also take those skills away.

Types of LaboratoryExaminations

The usual testing required is the urinalysis where the experts will have to screen the urine sample. They will use this to check traces of toxic chemical compounds like THC that are left in your body system due to marijuana, cocaine, and opioids to name a few. Keep in mind that THC and other toxins cannot be flashed away at an instant, it will take some time before it is completely removed so I suggest you consult an expert after quitting.

Some of you may be asked to perform the hair test where the experts will cut about a hundred hair strands, which will be soaked in a solution for screening. In this way, they will be able to trace the toxin that was left for the past 90 days. It is intended for checking on the history and not the current ones.

If your boss would like a more accurate screening, then you may be asked to take a swab of an oral fluid sample, which will be taken from your mouth. With this process, the recent toxins left will be detected, even after a few hours of use.

Pre-Employment Testing

Before landing on a job, you will be asked to be tested and you have to agree to this condition as a mandatory step in processing your employment, so failure to do this will prevent you from the opportunity to get the vacant position. This is done because the employers would like to make sure that they can hire qualified individuals and to protect their firm as well as to boost one’s productivity. With this screening, absenteeismand accidents will be lessened– find out more about this law.

We all know how an individual’s behavior is affected when intoxicated with alcohol, especially illegal drugs. So, if possible the company owners would not like to hire them since they are not mentally and physically suited for the position. We all want to work in a safe environment, so we should not feel wrong about this policy.

Random Testing

Do not be surprised when the management of the company you are working for suddenly asks everybody to prepare for a random laboratory examination. By the way, you should know that random testing is usually unannounced and you won’t even have an idea that you will be sent to the clinic for this.

What you won’t really know is when you will be subjected to this because most of the time, they use a computerized or system generated way of choosing staff. Maybe you will only be given a day or two to prepare for it.

Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion

Most fatalities and casualties happening in the United States are related to alcoholism as well as drug abuse. And then, the individuals involved, especially the ones at fault are usually employed. That’s why tests are mandatory for safety reasons.

Sometimes, accidents occur on-site that’s why you will undergo post-accident testing. When you are suspected of drug abuse, then you will be sent for reasonable suspicion, especially when they have seen signs physically, psychologically, and socially. In my opinion, every employer must strictly implement these laboratory exams because, with the wrong staff, the firm and its operation may suffer in the end.
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