How to Smile for Pictures: A Guide

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Even if you’re not a professional model, you’ll find yourself getting your picture taken at least a few times a year.
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From holidays to family gatherings and vacations, posing for photos is inevitable.

In 2017, more than 1.2 trillion photos were taken on cell phones alone. This equates to around 160 photos for every person on the Internet. If you’re shy in front of a camera or feel insecure, it’s common to dislike taking photos.

Have no fear.

This article has all the top tips for how to smile for pictures and look great. Before your next photo opportunity, read on for advice on how to feel your best in every photo.

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1. Relax Your Face

If you feel tense or nervous when taking a photo, it will more than likely show on your face. As one of the best tips for smiling for pictures, take a deep breath and relax those facial muscles.

Right before the photo is taken, consider taking a long deep breath. As you exhale, smile without straining your lips, cheeks, or forehead. It’s also important not to squint your eyes too much. This can make your smile look forced.

The next time you take a photo, consider thinking of a relaxing view or scenario that can help you feel less tense.

2. Boost Your Own Confidence

Many people aren’t always confident about their appearance. Among girls and women, 53 percent report feeling unhappy with their bodies and appearance. If you struggle with self-esteem, consider what might boost your confidence.

Boosting your confidence may involve getting a haircut, wearing makeup, or whitening your teeth. Professional teeth whitening may make you appreciate your smile and feel more inclined to show it off.

If you often drink red wine and coffee or eat foods with red pasta sauce, berries, or curry, you may have an increased chance of staining your teeth. Your local dentist or orthodontist may have information on whether or not teeth whitening is right for you.

3. Embrace the Soft Smile

When taking a photo, sometimes the most natural smiles aren’t always big and cheesy. Soft smiles can often look more relaxed and appealing. Soft smiles are often used by models and public figures for an uplifting and chic look.

For the perfect soft smile, subtly lift the corners of your mouth when taking a photo. Also, be sure to incorporate your eyes by slightly squinting the outer corners. By lifting up your chin by a small degree, this can also help create a bright and natural look.

4. Know Your Angles

While certain angles and smiles may look great on someone, they may not always suit you best. When posing for photos, pose your body and face in a way that feels most comfortable for you. This is one of the top tips for how to smile naturally.

You may consider facing the camera head-on or turning your head at an angle. No matter your favorite angle, be sure to elongate your neck, lift your chin, and relax.

Learn How to Smile for Pictures Today

One way to know how to smile for pictures is to practice in front of a mirror. By testing out different smiles, angles, and poses, you’ll feel prepared for the next time someone pulls out a camera.

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