The Best Herb for Inflammation

The Best Herb for Inflammation

If people were to stick to the old days’ habits, we would not be having too many complicated health problems. The old days were excellent, with minimal ailments, and our ancestors had no hospitals. They used herbs as medicine, and the herbs worked miracles.
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There were very few cases of cancer and other health problems that we experience today. When we look at the statistics of people who have died of cancer in the past three years, it is clear that something is not right. Why can’t people try the to prevent some health problems? We have heard cases of simple stomach inflammation developing into cancer. We have heard of skin inflammation developing into skin cancer. While these cases are with us, there are incredibly useful plant extracts that heal inflammation. If people could pay attention to the benefits of plant extracts supplements, we would prevent so many health problems.


One of the most useful plant extracts that have a myriad of health benefits is the borage oil in the form of Softgel Capsules. Life has been made easy and gone are the days when people went deep in the forest to harvest roots and leaves of helpful herbs. Today you can get the borage oil in a well-packed sachet of capsules. Some experts took time and thought of availing the oil to everyone all around the globe. They thought of extracting the oil and make capsules which are 100% organic and herbal. They are available in 1000mg capsules. The oil is derived from the seeds, and the users are supposed to take them by the month. This oil contains an active ingredient known as GLA, which plays an essential role in alleviating common health problems. This component can also be found in other oils such as black currant and primrose. However, choosing the correct form of borage oil is determined by how you want to use it.
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The borage oil capsules are suitable for the hair and skin, but users are supposed to take them by mouth. Here are some health benefits of borage oil.

Provides the body with linolenic acid

Well, as mentioned earlier, borage oil is rich in linolenic acid, which is also known as GLA. This is a substance that works as an inflammation-reducing hormone. Initially, the acid is in the form of a fatty acid which is converted by the body into the useful hormone- PGE1. This hormone helps the body fight skin disease-related inflammation and heart problems. While the acid is available in nuts and vegetables, borage has the highest contents of GLA.

 It is an Anti-Inflammatory

Studies carried on this oil show that borage oil helps reduce RA- rheumatoid arthritis. Controlled experiments done on 7 participants back in 2014 found that borage oil was more effective in reducing inflammation than fish oil. This shows that the oil can be used instead of pharmaceutical drugs to cure inflammation. The oil can treat inflammation because it contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory contents.

Other uses of include treating gingivitis, alleviating menopause symptoms, preventing heart problems, and reducing menstrual pain.

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