5 Tips for Students Looking For a Rental Apartment 

Apartment for Rent in Dubai City

Yes, we know, these strange weeks have not been at all easy to find a rental apartment for next year, but we have some infallible tips if you are looking for a student rental apartment with which you will be satisfied for sure.

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If you are a student and you are looking for a rental apartment, then we list a series of variables that you have to pay special attention to.


The old ‘for rent’ signs nailed to the apartment walls or balconies are more than out of date.

Now, the most common search criteria is the internet, so if you are looking for a student rental apartment , we recommend that you go to the main real estate portals where you will find many options.

In addition, you can select the characteristics of the apartment you want, the area, visit the house online, book an appointment to see it live or even rent it. Here you can start the search process for your student rental apartment.


When looking for a student rental apartment, the most frequent thing is to do it in the vicinity of our study area . This facilitates access to the study centers and, in addition, they are areas provided with a multitude of services and a great student atmosphere.

Some students prefer to move their residence away from the university area, if it is your case, select a neighborhood that meets basic characteristics such as accessibility, transportation, basic services, green areas, etc.


When we look for a student apartment , we usually do it to share a house with other colleagues.

In these cases, the type of housing most in demand is that of 2 or 3 bedrooms, with at least two bathrooms and, if possible, exterior. On the other hand, the furniture is usually a plus to value, and that is that this saves us from having to make very large removals.

Apartment for Rent in Dubai City

Another important aspect to which we have to pay attention is the rental conditions, the rent, the extra services (some include internet connection, central heating, supplies…) and of course, the suitability of the apartment since it has the fully equipped kitchen.


Chosen the perfect student rental apartment for you, it is time to formalize the rental contract.

For this point it is important to have some knowledge of what the Urban Leasing Law establishes, regarding the minimum time of permanence, rights and obligations of owner and tenant and drafting of the contract.

Remember that, if you are going to share a student rental apartment, all those who are going to reside in the house must appear in the rental agreement.
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And that, when making any changes to this point, you must notify the landlord, in addition to making the corresponding modifications to the contract.


If you are looking for a rental apartment for students and that everything is easier, turn to professional rental. In Alquiler Seguro we advise you and take care of all the leasing procedures.

In addition, our team of advisers and legal experts solve all your doubts and we put at your disposal a private area, where you can manage everything, without having to move.

Do you have questions about how to find a student apartment ? Ask us!

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