All about grab rails

safety rails for bathrooms

Today the usage of grab rails are used everywhere at hospitals, washrooms, hotels and where not. You can see these grab rails at every place. It comes out in different shapes and sizes with different types too. Based on your wall support, these grab rails are fitted or installed properly.

Let’s discuss in detail;

Types of grab rails:

  • Coming to first one is straight grab rails, it is usually seen in many places and it can be fitted in both vertical and horizontal wise. Moreover it is based on the grip type, fitting or installation will be done actually.
  • Followed by, there is angled grab rails, it is comfortable and having two grip options as well. It is evenly works out when you are using this type as your bath grab rails. Here you can use these safety rails for bathrooms like when you are going to move from stand to sit position like that.
  • Coming to folding grab rails, these are also comfortable rails and it is best for wheel chair people. It is the best grab rails for the people those who are using your washroom and especially used by more number of people. In fact these grab rails are fitted around toilets only to let the users those who want to shift from seat to toilet.

Some things to focus on getting the best grab rails:

All about grab rails

  • Check out the strength of the grab rail where it have to carry out clothes and sometimes if the clothes count is more, it might loosen the fitting of the rails. This is why besides right fitting, grab rail strength is equally important over here. So, weight matters a lot like how much amount of weight it can withhold.
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  • Do go through with the grip of the rails especially. For example, is it ok whether the grip will be durable while touching it with wet hands repeatedly?
  • Finally check the consistency and how comfortable it is while placing this safety rails for bathrooms at respective place you wanted to fit. So, check whether it is a suitable place to fit these grab rails or not.

What to know about grab rails before going to buy it?

  • Check whether the wall of your washroom will support in fitting these grab rails.
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    As some walls do not support at all and make your wall with much damage. For example some walls like stud walls or partition walls are not compatible to fit these grab rails. This is why choose the best builder to build your washroom with all the support that needed in future to fit these grab rails like that.
  • Followed by check the height of the wall actually to figure it out where to fix these grab rails and what place it suits the best. Make a plan to it while you are going to make fittings of these grab rails and besides that choose the right design of the wall of your bath room. So that fitting these grab rails must not show any kind of bad impact on the overall look of the wall while fitting these grab rails.

Conclusion: Hence from the above discussion knowing about the grab rails is equally important besides knowing the facts of its usage from the start to the end.

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