Benefits of Outdoor Timber Flooring

The summer is fast approaching and that means that now is the perfect time to give our gardens a makeover, to give us the ideal spot to relax and unwind once the heat starts to crank up. One of the most attractive features which you can install in your garden is a decked flooring area, offering aesthetic beauty and functionality to the outdoor space.
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When it comes to laying down a wooden floor outside, it can be tricky to know which timber flooring makes for the best finish. Each type of timber has its pros and cons, and here are the flooring types which are generally considered to be the most effective for outdoor decking.

Treated Pine

Treated pine is a relatively new material to the market and it looks nailed on to become one of the most used timbers for outdoor decking in the future. Pine is low cost but in the past it was considered to be lightweight and malleable to be used in an outdoor space.

Once treated however pine is able to offer a more robust option, as long as you ensure that you buy the H grade of treated pine. This material is easy to work with, takes paint and stains well and is very reasonably priced.


Jarrah is one of the most expensive timber supplies that is out there on the market but that cost is most definitely justified and the quality of this wood supersedes almost all others out there. The color of jarrah is one of its most appealing properties with its natural color ranging from a light to dark browns, each as a glorious knot pattern which really helps to give this wood some real style. The wood may be expensive but it looks great, it is fire-resistant and it is highly durable.


If you are living in an area which is prone to fires then blackbutt could very well be the best option for you, a lower cost option than jarrah which has a higher resistance to fire. The color of this wood is a warm, pale color and the shading and tone of the wood is consistent throughout each cut. There is a downside to this timber choice in that it must be sealed because if not it will crack when it is exposed to the elements.


Merbau is less popular than it used to be because the price of the timber has been increased in order to maintain its sustainability. This is a highly durable wood which is easy to work with and cut, which offers a great look for any garden. This timber will easily absorb any color you apply yet still allows its character to shine through. Merbau timber is both rot and insect resistant making it a great option for those living in areas which see all manner of weather conditions throughout the year.


In terms of durability the clue is very much in the title when it comes to this timber, named for its incredible ability to withstand use and weather conditions over a very long period of time. The colors of this timber range from deep reds to wade out brown, although it can be a very difficult wood to work with owing to its density. This timber is resistant to fire, termite and rot, a real heavyweight of the timber world.

Which do you think will be best for your garden?

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