Replacement Bathtub Buying Tips: Important Factors To Consider!

Replacement Bathtub Buying Tips

If you are tired of looking at your plain-looking bathroom and you want to add a bit more depth to it, then you know what you need – a bathtub. If you want to revamp your bathroom, the easiest way to go is to replace or add a bathtub. Now if you go online, you will find that there are so many options to choose from when it comes to bathtubs.

Now, how will you know which one is perfect for your needs? Which of the replacement bathtubs should you consider? If you have the same questions, then you have come to the right place. Let this simple guide walk you through on the most important things to consider when buying or replacing your bathtub.

Know Your Budget

Just like any appliance or furniture that you purchase for your home, you first have to know what you are willing to spend for your bathtub. This is the first thing that you have to consider before you start window shopping online. Smaller bathtubs will always be cheaper compared to the bigger ones. But that doesn’t mean that the pricier ones are better in quality. That is what you have to consider later on when you learn about the materials. 

What’s Your Style?

When window shopping for bathtubs, there are different styles to choose from. The space of your bathroom and the material of the bathtub should be considered for this factor. How big is your bathroom? Space will be one of the determinants when making a choice. You can choose from freestanding, regular or classic, oval-shaped, angled, clawfoot, alcove, corner tub, drop-in, and so much more.

Replacement Bathtub Buying Tips

Style And Material Are Complementary

Now that you know the style of the bathtub that you want to consider, you have to consider next the material. What should it be made of? With space comes the material of the bathtub. This will also greatly influence the style of the bathtub that you are going to choose. Fiberglass bathtubs are the cheapest. You can also opt for porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, stone resin, copper, cultured marble, or wood.

Size Of The Bathtub

The size is another important factor to take into consideration. If you do not need a big bathtub, then you should just consider the smaller ones. Just remember that if your bathroom will not be able to support it, then consider the smaller options like the alcove, soaking, or drop-in types of bathtubs. But if you have a bigger bathroom, then there’s no problem with choosing the larger ones as well. You can opt for freestanding or corner bathtubs.

Easy Installation

The installation process will depend on the size as well as the shape of your bathtub. This is why if you do not have anyone to help you out, it is best to pick the style that is easiest to install. Among the choices, alcoves and drop-ins are the easiest. The heavier ones are the hardest to install. So if you want to prefer them, hire a professional to install the bathtub for you.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a bathtub. But always think about the ones mentioned above to make sure that you are purchasing the right one for your budget and the perfect bathtub for your needs.

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