Some Tips for Removing A Possum

Some Tips for Removing A Possum

The natural habitat of possums is tree hollows, but with their natural habitat rapidly disappearing, they have had to adapt to human homes. Since these critters are so territorial, they cannot be moved easily, especially if you decide to seek shelter in your attic.

If an opossum begins to contact the rooftop home, several possum removal in Melbourne techniques can be used.

Try moving an opossum to a temporary home by building a sturdy, waterproof home, or you can contact your local NPWS office.

Suppose it is possible to enter your attic to find out where the opossum nest is. It would help if you placed an opossum nest in your newly built home, as this will encourage it to adapt. An opossum house can be installed near a tree in your yard, about 4 meters off the ground so that it is out of the reach of cats and dogs.

Some Tips for Removing A Possum

Use half a banana or an apple in the new home to encourage her research. It would help if you also trimmed any branches hanging over the tree or near the tree to make sure they don’t reach the surface again.

To keep opossum off your roof, spray a few alum foil. This will help repel the possum plant because these chips come from semi-deadly plants that are usually native. You can repel the possum using eight blocks of fine camphor or two boxes of high-quality naphthalene balls spread all over the surface. But, both camphor and mothballs should not be used together because people have been identified to interact with each other.
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Put a light in the recess of your roof and keep it for three days and nights. This combination of light and scent will bring most of the opossums off your roof and possibly the house you built outside. So if you haven’t heard the opossum for a few nights, you have successfully removed it. Then to prevent it from returning, all surface access points must be sealed with chicken wire and wood. The best time to block access is at night.

What to do once you catch a possum

After catching an opossum, it is best to return it to the forest. However, the problem here is that the woodlands hardly contain any vacant areas, so releasing them here means they will have to compete with other possums for food and shelter in unfamiliar territory.

Make friends with a possum.

Providing a home for the Bossum family is an excellent way to encourage them to stay and claim your yard. This opossum will then make sure that others do not approach. Making friends with a possum will ensure that you are part of this species’ conversation efforts.
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